All the World Is a Stage; the Good, Bad, and the Ugly

All the world is a stage, and with that comes the good, bad, and the ugly.We choose to wear masks every day.The Good...more

I need...

A mask....more

The Narnia Moment I Have Been Waiting For

My little Bean is old enough to want to read The Chronicles of Narnia out loud with me, and I am beside myself with joy. I grew up in a Narnia-loving family. When my husband-to-be met my parents for the first time, we sat at a coffee shop so they could get to know him, and one of the first questions they asked him was, "So, what are your thoughts on Narnia?" Then literally, they both had their elbows resting on the table, their chins resting on their knuckles, leaning forward, gazing into his eyes to hear his breathless answer. ...more
How did I miss this post??? I just loved this Liesl, what a great, incredible memories! Your ...more

The Visit

To slash away at the masks we wear, to splinter them apart, to render them transparent requires a steady hand. To look beneath the outer layers, to strap on thin veneers and then peel back each stratum laying bare what is hidden demands grit. And when it's done, when the coverings are gone, let's talk— without ballooning up the past. Poetic Asides prompt ...more

Taos Zombie Stagger

The Taos Zombie Stagger was a great success, especially for a first time event. We arrived to find a jam-packed Plaza, filled with creepy zombies and curious onlookers. Everyone milled around for a few minutes, and after some brief instructions, the parade began, right on time. That never happens in Taos, so a lot of people were late catching up. Straggling zombies ran after the pack, and befuddled locals with cameras murmured, It started on time...?...more

Dressing Up: Tips for Playing it Safe in Costumes

Hallelujah Day Early on, my brother and I dressed up as Bible characters and went to the "Hallelujah Festival" at our Christian school ...more

Getting Out of the Box: Thoughts On Living An Authentic Life

Written By: Lissa Rankin Marla Maples and I had the most lovely chat this morning, and I have to say I totally have a crush on her now. You might know Marla as the ex-wife of tycoon Donald Trump, but I know Marla as this loving, spiritual, awakening being longing to shed the baggage of her past and serve the world with her gorgeous heart. ...more

enCouragingBliss: Homage to Twelve

It was at the age of twelve that I began the process of taking my creative self and hiding her away... There is much made of recent studies that show that girls around twelve years old start to ignore and do poorly in the subjects of math and science, but I think perhaps there is something deeper and darker going on that has little to do with specific educational subjects and more to do with Self and Identity. ...more

The Comeback Kid!

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