Tips for Making It Through Mass with Kids

You always see families with perfect kids in church and you wonder to yourself "How did they get them to behave like that?" I must say every once in awhile we are THAT family, but more times than not our kids have their issues with sitting through mass. Taking your little ones to church was always something I was very nervous about before we had kids! I converted to being Catholic during my pregnancy with Vincent, so I was brand spanking new to the church, just as Vincent was. I was always nervous of what he would act like, or what I would do if they had a melt down in the middle of mass. It was very terrifying because you feel like ALL eyes are on you when you have kids, and I must say that once we had Vincent and got into the groove of things, it got easier....more
Thank you for this.  I have three kiddos, 2, 4 and 10 that I try to take to Mass each weekend.  ...more