When Will We Grow Some Balls as a Nation?

Friday, a young man shot his way into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut and murdered 20 children and six adults. I've heard and read comments from people who are shocked and saddened as I am. But the most senseless comment I've heard so far is "I don't feel sorry for the children, they are with Jesus. I feel sorry for the parents". ...more
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When Blinding Hatred Meets Firearms : The Oslo Tragedy

On an ordinary summer day in Norway, a man detonated a bomb in downtown Oslo. The target was a government building which housed the office of the Prime Minister. Afterward, the perpetrator traveled the island of Utoya, where a summer camp was being conducted by the youth division of the Labour Party. Dressed as a police officer, he lured and systematically gunned down more than 75 people, most of them youth. He chased others who sought to escape by water. By Saturday morning, the Telegraph was showing bodies littered on the embankment. Stomachs exposed, shirts bloodied, limbs askew....more

Senseless and Heartbreaking: The Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve held off offering an opinion on the deaths in Tucson or  voicing my views on the near fatal shooting of Gabby Gifford and the wounding of thirteen others. I’m an opinionated woman. Anyone that knows me will tell you so. I’ve personally been involved in a media blitz where any news, right or wrong, was latched onto and spread rabidly. I refused to participate then and I refuse now. I have been in contact with friends and fellow Officers from Tucson Law Enforcement. We are not talking about blaming Sarah Palin, Daily Kos or Clarence Dupnik....more