Go Left, President Obama, Go Left!

A lot has been written about the election in Massachusetts and what it means for the the Democratic Party and President Obama's agenda. Of course, the Republicans have been all over the airwaves insisting that this means that the country is not in favor of President Obama's "far left" agenda. My fear is that the Democrats are listening. I contend that the Massachusetts election results mean that the Obama Administration hasn't gone left enough, and here is why. ...more

Mourning Ted from Massachusetts

I stood at a farm stand in western Massachusetts this weekend and asked, "This is the orchard where Ted's plane crashed in 1964, isn't it?" The proprietor looked at me and said "Yes." That's it, just the word "yes". I reminded myself that I am back in New England, a land of economies, even in speech. I bought a small bag of apples and left. A news article gives more detail: ...more

The Tick Graveyard

My girlfriend and I took our two dogs and my two girls for a walk in the woods. It was a gloriously warm, but crisp Fall day. When we returned home we all felt a little itchy… We quickly found a tick on my youngest daughter. (In fact, I feel itchy just thinking about it). Next thing I knew we were all taking off our pants in the driveway because each had about a half-dozen ticks, and many more on each of the two dogs! We decided not to pick the ticks off and just drop them onto the driveway because they would jump right back on us. ...more

Poetry Friday: Maria Luisa Arroyo


I Want to Kick Discrimination's Butt.

Yesterday I attended a lecture at Merrimack College in MA. The speakers were Jaclyn Friedman, an activist, author and performer and Gunner Scott, a transgender activist and executive director of the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition. They shared their amazing personal stories of struggles and successes and touched on issues of rape, harassment, discrimination and much more. My emotional rollercoaster had me shifting from happy to sad and everywhere in between. ...more

I See a Child's Blood (The Revelus Tragedy)

The blues has come knocking at my door, dour-eyed and dressed up in its finest death suit, drenched in children's blood. I speak of the Revelus family tragedy, horror in Milton, Mass., this past weekend. We step into April, the month of foolish jokes and poetry, just in time to see a 5-year-old's head, severed from her body, rolling through a living nightmare to the slashed body of her 17-year-old sister, a budding poet. These girls go into the grave next to the brother that murdered them. ...more

Yes, we do need to get on our knees and pray for these people. This is absolutely sad..... I ...more

An Act to: Support the Commonwealth and its Residents

Poverty, for many, is inescapable. Education and training are essential for well being and job function. Low-income families would benefit most from education and training, but are least likely to receive it. In order for low-income families to access better paying jobs an effort needs to be made to help them attain the training necessary. Crittenton Women's Union (CWU) is a Boston based non-profit whose mission is to help low-income women and families attain economic independence. ...more

Is your family self-sufficient??

All families, whether single income or multple, are having a tough time making ends meet in today's economy. Massachusetts is an expensive place to live, especially Boston. Would your family be able to afford it? Check out this site: to see if you would be considered self-sufficient in MA. What changes to your life would you consider making to be able to be self-sufficient? ...more

Volkswagen Bug, College Days & Gas was 32 Cents a Gallon

Did you ever want to go back in time? I mean, just a little bit? Back to when life was...a little more simplistic, carefree, 20 pounds lighter? (OK, maybe just a tad more.) I filled up my gas tank the other day (OK, so I didn't, I put in like maybe 3 gallons, because I hadn't hit the ATM yet), and gas was $4.21 per Gallon here in Connecticut. (Read More) ...more

More help for families facing the new school year?

It's back-to-school time for Massachusetts families, and it was announced that low-income families receiving Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) benefits can receive a little additional help with this to purchase school clothing for their children to the tune of $150 per school-aged child under 19 years. ...more

No problem! :-)

On my local news this morning, it was reported that families will spend an ...more