Why Massage? The Skeletal System

Have you ever gotten a massage and wondered what exactly is this doing for me?/ You know it relaxes you right? You know you feel good right? You’ve probably heard that regular massage is good for you, but what does that really mean? Well this series is here to give you that info. In each post I will talk about one body system and what it does, as well as the effects of massage on that system....more

An Illustrated Guide to Massage Therapy

My wonderful friend Rebbey happens to be a wonderful massage therapist. As someone with muscle problems I love to visit her for massages. On the day of a massage I act so excited that you would suspect I'm about to board a plane to Disney World. One day recently I was having a more painful day than usual but I knew that the day would end in a massage therapy session so that kept me going.  My boyfriend would text me periodically to remind me, just in case I was sad about things, because how can you be sad when you’re about to have a magical massage?...more

What is That? Fascia

Have you heard of fascia?It’s one of the many types of connective tissue throughout your body, it runs throughout your entire body. Connective tissue is the most abundant type of tissue found in the body. Other types include,blood, bone, cartilage, and lymph....more

Headaches Are A Pain In The...

In the neck they are a pain in the neck!!...more
I've heard of ocular migraines they do sound like they would be terrifying! I hope you are doing ...more

Breast Cancer and Massage Therapy

TMJ Disorders and Massage Therapy

TMJ is a disorder that you've likely heard of before, probably because you either have it or know someone who does  It's very common and often incredibly painful  to deal with. TMJ often hits between the ages of 30-50 and women are diagnosed more often men. However it can occur outside of those parameters at any time.....more

Why Massage? The Lymphatic System

Dictionary.com defines massage as "the act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kn...more
Yeah hot stones are one of the best massage treatments you can get. No one is ever disappointed ...more

Therapeutic Massage: Steps to Get Insurance to Pay for Yours

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Additional reported health benefits of therapeutic massage include:...more