Stanley Cup for Cancer: Everything Update


This and That Weekend

This weekend has been kind of a blur.  Saturday was the Alpha Rho Tau luncheon, my art group.  You know it is kind of weird that I was the youngest "member" at the meal.  There were two others, students from TU (University of Tulsa), who joined us because we gave them scholarship money to further their education, but basically I think I'm the youngest in the group.  I seem to have that happen a lot in things I get involved in.  Sometimes I can be the oldest but that doesn't happen often.  After the chit chat and yum yum we, my neighbor and paint friend (75...more

Massage Therapy and Digestion

Think “body massage” and words like “soothing,” “relaxing” and “pure indulgence” likely come to mind right. The fact, however, is a body massage actually goes far beyond indulgence into the realm of therapies. Massage improves blood circulation in the body, and therein lie most of its benefits. The therapy has been used for several centuries to cure various ailments in the body and is today a popular alternative healing technique....more

Scientific Research Points to the Health Benefits of Massage

If you think getting a massage is relaxing but without significant health benefits, you would be wrong. A recent study has found that people who receive a massage have measurable health changes that can be detected in their blood. Not only does getting a massage feel relaxing, but the benefits can actually increase your body's immune response, and lower the levels of stress hormones in the blood. ...more
I am thinking of becoming a massage therapist, love this kind of information.more

Escape To Shape: Pilates, Yoga, Surf Retreat in Paradise

Wow it’s been a crazy month! I’ve been busy as a bumble bee traveling, teaching, dancing and creating. Apologies for lack of consistency in my posts, but today I am proud to unveil one of my latest top secret projects. A pilates, yoga, surf retreat!...more


I love spas.  I love facials and massages and manicures and pedicures.  I love the Zen feeling you get when you walk into a spa and are handed a cool glass of water with the floating lemon slices.  The calming harp music always makes me more aware that I need less stress in my life and more essential oils....Continue ...more

Sometimes men are just clueless

NOT Doug and I...more

Start Booking Your $50 Appointments Now for Spa Week 2010 April 12-18th!

Hey BlogHer! Spa Week is creating a such big buzz throughout the blogosphere and is now so close we can feel it! It all goes down on April 12-18th. Each spa will offer amazing treatments at a steal of just $50 each!...more

Benefits of a Good Back and Neck Massage

Relax and Rejuvenate with Massage TherapyMassages are relaxing, and that is exactly why all of us love them! But the fact is that a professionally done massage has several therapeutic effects apart from mere relaxation. A professional masseur’s expert strokes usually give rise to the reaction in the body during and after a massage of the body releasing the “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that have pain-relieving and mood-elevating properties....more

The Acne Connection: Cellulite, Cystic Acne, and Lymph Drainage Therapy

If you’ve read any of the recent ketchup posts, you might already be aware that the Cellulite Investigation was launched while ANALYST was living in Scotland on a Fulbright gran...more