Spa Days: Expert Tips on Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Eau Spa. ...more

Bon Vivant


Buddhas and Beaded Bras - Coach Weekend Events on the Edge


The Votes are in...I'm OFF the Charts!

That sounds like a good thing, right? If someone tells a Rock Star his latest song is 'off the charts' he's thrilled, right? Or when your honey says "baby my love for you is's off the charts" (ok, sometimes I have these crazy dreams....whatever!) - that would be a really good thing, right? But when your chiropractor says it....not so much. FYI - I rarely go to a doctor and I haven't been to a chiropractor since I was two - yeah...the pain was severe! ...more

A Foam Roller for Injury Prevention and Massage

See this girl? The agony? The defeat? The PAIN!? She paid at least $14 or so to feel this way. But you know what? Soon she will feel much, much better! If you have yet to discover the wonders (and the pain!) of the foam roller, fork out $14 or so dollars to do so. Here's a photo of the real thing up close and personal: ...more

What to expect from your first massage

This post lists some common questions that people ask before they go in for their first professional massage. These are from the AMTA’s (American Massage Therapy Association) website and I have made some additions in italics. ...more

How to Find the Right Massage Therapist for You

I would like to go over my suggestions for the process of finding just the right massage therapist for you. First of all you want to consider:  What do you want from your massage? Pain relief, relaxation or maybe a soothing spa treatment. ...more

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Many of the clients I see in my Seattle massage practice have pain due to poor ergonomics at their desks. What is ergonomics? Ergonomics, when applied to sitting at a desk, is the process of the correct placement and alignment of the joints of your body. When your body is supported in its proper alignment you will decrease your risk of injury. Here are a few basic ergonomic suggestions to keep your body pain free: ...more

December is National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month

Stress diminishes productivity, motivation and concentration. It contributes to illness, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes; has a negative impact on the immune system, and causes aging at the cellular level. Seventy-five to ninety percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress related complaints. Cortisol (commonly referred to as the stress hormone) is a hormone released in the body during times of physical and psychological stress or agitation. ...more

Vomit Watch '08

Today I am on Vomit Watch '08. No, I am not refering to the impending elections. Rather, I am inviting you into my world today, as a virtual in-home prisoner, just waiting for a call from the school nurse. You see, Thing 2 came down to breakfast today and told me that he wasn't feeling well when he was upstairs. ...more