After publishing the “Teen Solution” blog about putting teenagers in medically induced comas and teaching them everything they needed to know through strategically placed electrodes to their brain, I was talking with a couple friends about co-founding the “Teen Solution Foundation” (TSF).  We would revolutionize the world!  The more we explored the possibilities, the more we realized that if we turned this dream into a reality, the world would memorialize us in song, erect statues of us, and write our names in every history book.  We’d be revolutionaries forever changing so...more

Sexual Education - Can Sex Ed Save Us From Ourselves?

It is the last week of National Masturbation Month.  I remember when Masturbation for Peace first came to my attention.  Ah, good times for a good cause. Anyway, I have been thinking about sex and sexuality. Particularly this day in California with a ruling on Proposition 8. My fear is that our collective ignorance and intolerance about sexuality is literally killing our children and will continue to do so. It is not doing the grown folks much good either. ...more

I envy your daughter's delight in discovering new parts and things to show. I know why we had to ...more