Two Women Made the MasterChef Finale, So Why Were Their Shoes The Focus?

This week, the two finalists from Season 5 of MasterChef competed for the title of America’s Best Home Chef. After first being chosen from a pool of thousands, these extremely talented, self-taught women withstood three months of grueling challenges to become the last ones standing. And, incidentally, they joined other women from the international MasterChef shows when they became part of the first women’s-only finale on MasterChef U.S. ...more
Here is my issue. Courtney shoes each cost around $1,200. They are leboutine shoes. She claimed ...more

The Dish That Didn't Win Masterchef

So I know that you were waiting for me to write about what I made for the Masterchef tryouts.  You were probably han...more

That Time I Tried Out For Masterchef And What I Learned From It

OH. MY. GOD.  I have been dying to write this post.  Dying!  But I was contractually obligated to keep mum about it until after the show was cast.  I think I’m in the clear though by now. ...more
Um, Los Angeles is the cesspool of the nation? WTF?more

Just So You Know, I Have Gastrique.

So I hope that you read that headline and immediately thought “OH NO!  GASTRIQUE!  What is that?” because you were genuinely concerned with my well being.  Maybe you thought I had some rare, incurable disease that would involve long hospital stays and experimental medical procedures.  Perhaps you were already ...more