How To: Hands-Free Masturbation

Here’s a little known fact: when people say they’re living the dream, the dream is, of course, hands-free masturbation....more

Buying Your First Vibrator: A Beginner's Guide

From Hitachi Wands to Jack Rabbits, the world has provided us with a wide array of toys to choose from. But where does one start? This is a beginner's guide to vibrators covering the different types, speeds, sizes, and price ranges among them. ...more
Hi tisdale, I'm going to assume we're talking male to female intercourse here, but please do ...more

Masturbation: The White Elephant in the Room

Being my normal bookworm self, I was reading a book Hooking Up (there are plenty of books out there but I don't recommend this one) and it was talking about how humiliated the author was about saying she masturbated and I realized holy shit, this is a real problem. I used to be the same exact same way....more

Positive Vibrator Use: Don't Make It Weird

 Once when I was in college, my roommate had a friend over who was something of a busybody. As this girl walked past my bookshelf to use the bathroom, she opened up a box I had on my shelf completely unprompted and slammed it shut immediately with a horrified look on her face....more

Masturbation: A Love Story

There are a number of things my parents have (tried to) ban(ned) my sisters and I from gaining a curiosity for growing up....more

5 Things Women Are Afraid to Tell Men About Sex

Unfortunately, girls are taught from the cradle to coddle the male ego, not just with flattery but with genuine fear not to speak truths that could cause men to feel uncomfortable or imperfect. And nowhere is this more true than in the sack. Many a woman who feels herself a ballsy broad in her daily life finds herself in bed, afraid to say “Please do this” or “Don’t do that” for fear of confronting a man looking shocked, upset, or disappointed—which can push a button installed in us as little girls labeled Failure As A Woman....more



Don't Judge Sex Toy Users

I own several sex toys. I must be a pervert or sex fiend, right? My sex life must be lacking, or I must be desperate. Wrong! Actually, I am a happily married, attractive woman that enjoys using sex toys on occasion. I have been using vibrators for years, and let me tell you—it has benefited me in the fact that it not only feels good, but I definitely feel relaxed after using it....more
I didn't realise people did judge! Well that's the last time I tell anyone about my growing ...more

Pleasure with Pyrex? Glass Sex Toys Explained

Glass dildos come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be curved, textured, smooth, long, and short.  These types of sex toys can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation.  Glass dildos look like beautiful works of art, which their elegant shapes, and beautiful colors.  There are many great characteristics of these types of adult products....more