How to REALLY Support Your Pregnant Friend's Birth Plan

A woman’s birth plan is as individual as she is.  Whether her plan is no plan or a home birth, she has an idea about what she expects of her labor and delivery....more

Romantic Maternity Session

When mommy met daddy:Natasha and William first met almost nine years ago at her best friend's birthday party. He asked for an introduction and after two years of being friends,  they started dating. They got married two years later and have now been married for four years....more

Fall in love with film

I love film. There’s something about film photography thats magical....more

Maternity Style File: Fall Favorites

The seasons are quickly changing here in Maine, the cooler crisper air is coming, and as I'm approaching 23 weeks, my belly is growing even quicker.  I'm just so grateful that everything seems healthy with this pregnancy, but there is no denying I am getting BIG.  It's full panel pants from here on out.. :-) This is my first winter baby, and so far the upside seems to be comfy sweaters; I haven't quite figured out the jacket situation (that will have to be another post).  Here are a few of my favorite staples as I make the leap into fall with my bump....more

Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials

So…your bundle of joy is on the way.  You’re down to your last few months or in most cases, weeks of pregnancy.   Do you have your hospital bag packed?  No? Well, you’re not alone. Me neither!...more

1960's Maternity Party Dress

 My sister is expecting and has enlisted me to make her a couple of dresses, including a 1960's Maternity Party Dress. Read the story here...more