Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials

So…your bundle of joy is on the way.  You’re down to your last few months or in most cases, weeks of pregnancy.   Do you have your hospital bag packed?  No? Well, you’re not alone. Me neither!...more

pinkblush maternity giveaway!

1960's Maternity Party Dress

 My sister is expecting and has enlisted me to make her a couple of dresses, including a 1960's Maternity Party Dress. Read the story here...more

Cross Post: Weekly update - 15 weeks

How far along?  15 weeks Total weight gain/loss?  I've been fluctuating quite a bit again, but still down 2-3 lbs from my original weight. ...more

Taking Maternity Classes

There are many prenatal classes to choose from, the classes you choose is entirely your decision and voluntary.  This past weekend, we went on a hospital tour and I have to say that it was very helpful and free!  For starters, the tour allowed us to take a dry run to the hospital so we know where we are going when the big day arrives.  Secondly, if you hate hospitals as I do, it will ease your mind and you will learn what to expect the minute you arrive until discharge....more

A secret about motherhood...

Okay, I'll say it. Since it seems that no-one else wants to admit it and it seems career suicide to even hint at it. The secret, it appears, would upset the feminist, we can have it all agenda. So here it is....more

Urban Farms - A Great Family Day Out!

This week we're thrilled to have a guest blog from Rachel Bull, editor of Live Urban Love Rural ...more

Working it at Work when Pregnant

How to "Work it at Work" when you're pregnant!

Your License to Ill - Pregnant Woman's Right to Morning Sickness

The words “morning sickness” conjure up so many things for me.  Had a documentary film crew been following me through the first 5 months of my pregnancy they would have had several opportunities to achieve cinematic greatness as they chronicled my plight.  To start, there was this overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke everywhere I went and my resulting disgust that those close to me must surely be sneaking some cigs wh...more

Does Having a Baby Really Have to Change Everything?

Okay, you knew it was inevitable. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well, technically before the baby, then comes 9-months of a transformative experience. Johnson & Johnson claims that having a baby changes everything. I am super excited about what's ahead and I feel a little guilty admitting this, but I don't want this baby to change EVERYTHING. In particular... ...more
You should really try the maternity clothing available at Morphmaternity. Not only is it ...more