Why Maternity Care in the US Sucks

Today I am 5 weeks and 5 days along. Last week I experienced some nausea, but it's completely gone now. I know it is still early and the morning sickness can kick in later. Surprisingly, feeling fine makes me nervous. I am afraid something is not right. I guess I just can't be pleased (at least when pregnant). It is also unbelievable for me to imagine a pregnancy can be like this....more

Frontal Assault on Reproductive Health Care

Senator Debbie Stabenow is on a roll for women's health care. First, she took on Senator Jon Kyl about his proposal that maternity care shouldn't be provided for in the health care reform package: ...more

You are right on the money with this one! It is all about ideology and the pressure the ...more

The Business of Being Born- My Review

I watched The Business of Being Born (TBOBB) last night (available now through Netflix). This is a documentary produced by former talk show host, Ricki Lake, on the state of birthing in America. As I posted the other night, in short the summary of the film is this: (from The Business of Being Born's Website) ...more

That was Dr. Marsden Wagner... isn't he great? :-)more