A Letter From Your Non-Maternity Pants

Dear Katie,I know we have shared two wonderful summer seasons together. I know how thrilled you were to spot me on the clearance rack in my pretty print and bright, summery fabric. I always appreciated my top spot in your closet and all the great vacations you have taken me on. We have shared some great times....more

Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Adventures in Belly Fitting

Everyone is nervous their first time, even when they're sure to be surrounded by awesome and supportive women.  Add to that the anxiety that comes with traveling while pregnant and dressing oneself without the aide of a trusted spouse and tween. Now you're walking in my shoes--which BTW are two sizes larger than they were 6 months ago....more

Forever 21's Maternity Line: Why it's a Fashion DO

Ah, pregnancy. That joyous time when you're growing a tiny human, blissfully preparing for his or her arrival, and ... potentially taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost of maternity clothes....more
Thanks so much for this post.  Im 16 weeks, looking more like 25 because Im carrying all in the ...more

Expecting a Great Weekend?

The sun is even shining in New Jersey this morning!  Go figure!  Everyone seems to be looking ahead to the holiday weekend!  Barbeques, parades, fun times for everyone!  Given how much bad news has been out there, I think we all have permission to relax and enjoy for a change! ...more

Pretty, Witty and Functional

To inaugurate my very first post on Pretty, Witty and Functional, I will let you in on a pregnancy basic I cannot live without: black maternity clothes. I recently bought this dress (yes, I realize it looks brown in the picture but it's black, I swear!):   This dress:   ...more