Trump Surprises and Disappoints on Paid Leave & ChildCare

  Since the GOP convention in July, wonks have been wondering – will he or won’t he?  Will Donald Trump follow through on daughter Ivanka’s promise that he would address access to childcare and paid time off for new parents?  Yesterday, he did!...more

Knowing your rights before becoming a mom

They say that the first few months of your child's life are some of the most important. They say that spending one-on-one time with your infant is necessary for developmental growth. They say that Mothers will be less likely to suffer from postpartum depression if they are able to connect with their babies....more

Life after pregnancy: the real side of motherhood

Once upon a time, a mom gave birth to a baby girl...The baby was precious and cute, and right away the mom felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness....more


  Back in March, I remember sitting in the dark of B's room during one of our many late night rendezvous, counting how many months I had left of my maternity leave. Five. Well, five and a little bit. How was it even possible that I had a six month old already? And what could I do to make those next five months really count? I sat for a moment to peacefully contemplate all the possibilities that lay before me. Just kidding. I had a mini panic attack. ...more

In Defense of 'Me-ternity' Leave

In case you live under a rock or have no access to any slice of the Internet other than Bitchy but Bubbly or tend to scroll past any Facebook post with a ton of angry face emojis, a childless, young woman, Meghann Foye, wrote a novel and gave an interview which advocated for "meternity" leave for women who don't have children because they need "time and space for self-reflection." Interesting. ...more
Her premise was fiction. Ok I get that. Her depiction of maternity leave in real live interviews ...more

The Choice Working Moms Shouldn't Have to Make

I’ve wanted to write this post since I created my blog. I started this post on multiple occasions, only to stop because it just wasn’t “ready.” I was ready to talk about it, but for some reason the right words weren’t there yet. Since it is something I feel so passionate about, I made myself wait until the post essentially came to me, wrote itself....more

Back into the Woods...

A friend stopped by this week to borrow our double stroller, darling new baby in tow. They are headed to North Carolina for a Bluegrass Festival, to enjoy a long, soul stirring weekend of music and family. We had the usual conversation about feeding and sleeping until I made the unfortunate mistake of asking when she was going back to work.  If there is ever a time when mothers' faces looks exactly the same, it is when they are too near to the end of that precious allotment of time with their newborn....more

What Could A Postpartum Doula Do For You?

While childbirth is certainly a near- universal experience for women, we know that it can vary widely from mother to mother.  Not only that, no two deliveries are exactly the same - the arrival of my son was so very different from the arrival of my daughter.  This makes me very curious to know what people who see lots of new families at the very beginning may have observed.  When I met with Shannon Collier, founder of Holistic Helping Hand, I knew she could tell me....more

I Don't Want To Be A Stay At Home Mama And I Don't Feel Guilty About It

I love being a mother.  I love hugging, kissing, and laughing with my children.  I love seeing life through their eyes.  I live for their smiles.  They are remarkable little human beings who give meaning to my life like nothing else ever could.  I love caring for them and nurturing them... All in all, I love motherhood, and I give it my all to be a good mother.  I just can't and won't be a stay at home mama and I don't feel guilty about it....more

How to Have the Best Maternity Leave Ever

I'm a full-time working mom, and I'm currently on maternity leave with my third baby, Alyssa Jaime.   Maternity leave is meant for bonding, and that time is sacred to a new mom and baby (or in my case a seasoned mom and a new baby). This is honestly the best maternity leave ever, and it took me three tries to finally get it right! ...more
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