When Will the Senate Get Serious About Paid Family Leave?

Before fleeing town for their five week vacation, a handful of Senators paid a little attention to the startling fact that most U.S. women cannot count on single day of paid leave when they have a baby. Practically all other countries allow women several months to recover from childbirth before returning to work and provide some income replacement during this time as well. Many countries also afford new fathers paid leave too. Image Credit: Cliff1066 via Flickr...more
It's high time we caught up to the rest of the world in acknowledging family structures have ...more

America's Love-Hate Relationship With Mothers

This blog was originally posted in The Huffington Post on June 2, 2014. Newsflash to future moms: “We” are not pregnant. Unless your husband or partner is expecting to receive a complimentary uterus at your next ultrasound appointment, you, Oh Pregnant One, are the one with child. You’ll have the stretch marks and the splayed pelvis to prove it. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Repeat after me: “I am pregnant. We are having a baby.”...more

My Boss is Going on Maternity Leave, Now What?

As both a CEO and mother to two boys, I have been on maternity leave in the past and also manage, as well as employ, many employees who are or who have been on maternity leave too. It’s not hard to understand how employees feel when a pregnant boss is getting ready to go on leave – worry that the business might not run as smoothly, that distance may form between the boss and employee from lack of constant communication, and maybe even some hesitation that every member of the team will be able to rise up and propel the company forward....more
The title of this post is a bit misleading.  The title asks a question as an employee, but the ...more

The Stupid Things People Say When Mom Goes Back to Work

I remember the first morning that I went back to work after the birth of our oldest son. I packed his diaper bag just so. I dressed him in the cutest outfit, one of my favorites. As I walked through door of our babysitter's house and handed him to a woman I had interviewed meticulously, I felt as though she was taking my heart out of my body instead of just taking my baby from my arms. I didn't cry, mostly because I felt shocked that I had just handed over my baby to someone else for nine hours....more
I could write a post on "The Stupid Things People Say When Mom Doesn't Go Back To Work".  I quit ...more

FMLA at 20 - And Why We Need To Go Much Further

Wonky Washington is making merry about the 20th anniversary of President Clinton's signing of the Family Medical Leave.  This was the federal law that required some employers to allow some employees to take up to 12 weeks away from work, without pay, to deal with the birth or adoption of  a child, a family member's serious medical condition, or one's own serious medical condition.   Millions of workers have used the leave to respond to a caregiving need, secure in the k...more

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

My child is 4 months old and I’m going back to work. Is there anything I should do to help myself adjust?...more

You Can Ignore It, But It Won't Go Away

I suspect that one reason the US has made so little progress towards pro-caregiver policies is that women figure once the children grow up and go to school, the work/family conundrum will sort itself out. We may have a few rough years of living on just one income, or being uncomfortably stretched by the high cost of child care, but sooner or later we won't have to worry about competing demands for our time and attention. When you could really have used a paid parental leave policy, when your children are babies, you're too busy caring for them to agitate for it....more

To Marissa Mayer from Maternity Leave

Dear Marissa Mayer,I am writing to you from a hotel room in a conference center, hooked up to my breast pump, in between class sessions of the Executive MBA program in which I am enrolled. I am on the last days of my maternity leave. I plan to return to the office on Monday....more

Dear Marissa Mayer: Two Steps Forward, Let's Make it Three

Whether Marissa Mayer realizes it or not, the way she treats maternity leave will serve as an example for all woman looking for a path, for those women who do not want to "gap" their ambition, but also want to enjoy being a parent. To be sure, Marissa is not a typical woman and her dilemma is not an easy one. But, I am a big believer that macro change is most likely to have an impact by starting at the top, with the most visible examples, however unusual the circumstances. ...more
1yr is ideal. more

Women, you are not weak, less competitive or soft for wanting to take maternity leave!

Since being named Yahoo's new CEO, pregnant Marissa Mayer has been lauded as a feminist phenom. Not only is she the new CEO of a Fortune 500 company, she's a pregnant new CEO. I'm as proud of her accomplishments as the next gal and glad Yahoo didn't see her pregnancy as a detraction or distraction from her ability to work. Not everyone is so open minded....more