Weekly Pregnancy Photos: 25-27 Weeks

This post is from my secondary blog, Urban Earthworm Breeds - my possibly ill conceived attempt to add a pregnancy blog to my existing Ethical Eating/Sustainable Living blog, and, well, my life......more

No One Puts Plus Size Maternity Photos On Pinterest

While I was at Mom 2.0 at the beginning of May, I ended up in a bunch of photos. And since this is 2014, some of those photos ended up on Facebook. And because it's Facebook, I ended up tagged, which meant all my friends —from my 4th grade classmates to the girl who lived on my floor in college to my mother's second cousin who lives in Sweden—saw them. I did not like it. They were not flattering. They were candid, and that is what I look like in candid photos, but they made me sad. ...more
You look fabulous! And your hubby did a great job with the photos!more

A tale of maternity photos and nursery rhymes

So we’ve decided on some of our maternity photos! All of the ones you guys loved, we’re getting printed. But then I saw one that we missed, and realized that it absolutely HAS to be the big photo. I don’t know why I’m so in lurve with it – it’s super cheesy. We just look so…happy – and that’s definitely something that I want the bean to feel: that he was totally loved before he arrived....more

Maternity Photos: The final cut (vote for your favorite for the bean's room!)

Ok guys. Here's the final cut. Tell me what you like and what YOU think should be featured in the bean's room (numbers are below the photo). ...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project...more

Maternity photos - take two

So we got our full disc of maternity photos back from our photographer (Queen B Photo – Becky is the best!). And I’m slowly realizing that I should never take my first look at fresh photos with someone else – specifically my hubby – because men don’t understand how self critical women can be. And that critiquing yourself just a natural part of looking at photos. Normal to women, incredibly annoying to men....more

A sneak peak at our maternity photos

This weekend went by way too fast! I don’t know where the time went. We (I?) had baby shower numero dos on Saturday and it was a blast. Yesterday, both Ricky and I were feeling a little under the weather so we played it pretty low key – which basically means my house is still the same disaster zone it was on Saturday morning, plus quite a few more baby things since we had another shower. So this week is all about getting my house back in it’s usual order!...more