The thing about girls and math...

When I was in fifth grade, I missed a few days of school due to sickness and when I came back, I had some trouble getting up to speed on fractions. They were hard and awful and I cried at school one day because I thought that I would never understand them. And I am pretty sure that in that moment, I decided I wasn't good at math....more

Mom, can you read me a bedtime word problem?

I know we've talked about math before, but we are going to talk about it again. When my son goes to bed at night, we read books together. We used to have this deal where he would read to me and then I would read to him, but he reads now as part of his homework time after school, so he gets to relax and listen to me read at bedtime....more

He's got his Father's eyes and his Mother's algebra skills

As mentioned on this blog before, math and I have had a rocky relationship. I try not to talk to my son about it though. He is still young enough that I want him to acquire his own likes and dislikes at school. (So far: He doesn't like music class, but all the rest are fine. That makes sense to me - my son has never been much of a singer.) ...more

5 Fun and Easy Ways You Can Make Sure Your Child is Ready For Kindergarten

This time of year always seems to evoke feelings of anxiety among parents of young children. “Will my kid be ready for Kindergarten next year?” “I don’t think he knows enough to go into Kindergarten!” “How will he finish preschool if he is not yet reading?” “Is my kid the only one not in Kumon?”Well, I am here to tell you to stop worrying! Your kid will be fine. Whether or not s/he was enrolled in a preschool program, there are ways you can help at home. Quick ways that do not require any type of teaching experience on your part....more

How Family Math Night Can Inspire Your Kids

Life can get so busy and hectic, right? I love scheduling fun activities for our family because in between all of the errands and tasks and commitments, I want to make sure that we never forget to just have some down time with each other. And why not throw a little learning in to this fun down time? One of our favorite things to do together as a family is to have Family Reading Nights regularly. So I got to thinking the other day… why can’t we do the same thing with math?...more

Go ahead and talk to me

I keep a few older videos of my son on my phone. I like to watch them and compare what he was like a few years ago to how he is today. One of the items that I notice right away is how he talks. Not necessarily how much he talks (although I notice that, too) but the way he pronounced his words. At the time I took the videos, I was completely used to the sound of his toddler talk....more

Why are we all scared of math?

Full disclosure: Math was not my favorite subject in school. But even though I didn't care for math, I still made really great grades in it. To me, math was too finite. If I was writing an essay, I could write my way out of a corner. With math, you were either right or wrong with your answers. And my teachers usually only explained one way to solve the problem, which was hard to follow....more

Mom Math | The Outnumbered Mother Amy Hunter on MomCave LIVE!

Meet  The Outnumbered Mother, Amy Hunter, on this week’s LIVE broadcast. We go live on Thursday 7/23 at 6:30pm EST and talk “mom math.” Don’t worry, there’s no actual math involved. Just a bunch of (probably drunk) moms joking about how they have more children than sense. Tweet us your questions and comments using #MRRMCTV. Our Twitter handles: @MomCaveTV and @OutNumbMother...more

How to teach the multiplication table to mildly reluctant kids

By jove, I think I've got it.Understand: I'd been struggling for a while with my older two (who'd be going into grades 4 and 2 this fall if they had the misfortune of going to school - the third one is too young for this kind of math yet) not really wanting to put in the effort to learn their multiplication table. And I think I found the way. It's sneaky as all get out, but it might just work. So I thought I'd share with you.I'm teaching them their multiplication table by making them do division problems.Told you it was sneaky....more

Adding up the little things

Our dinnertime conversations have become quite formulaic: We talk about the events of our days and if we are close to a weekend, we share any upcoming plans. (If it is slow going, I will tell a fanciful story about my day that features a dragon just to see if anyone is paying attention.) Some nights this goes better than others....more