May Day

May 1, 2014, "May Day" Acts 5:27-33;  John 3:31-36  Thomas a KempisFrom anncient pagan rituals to parades in Red Square, and in the Union Squares of San Francisco and New York City, May Day is full of history.   The best context to understand today's scripture is the phrase "May Day", that universal distress warning which in French means "Come help me." Today's readings call for help--God's grace so you may be a sure witness ...more

May Day Birthday

May Day, is not a commonly celebrated holiday in the United States, unless you have a child whose birthday falls on the date, like I do.Sixteen years ago, when I arrived at the birthing center on May 1st ,all the nurses marveled that I was having a May Day baby. In an epidural fog, I planned to research the holiday for when Abigail,was old enough to appreciate it....more

May Day Musing

As the Beltane fires burn high tonight and the earth rises to meet the passions of spring, I begin NaBloPoMo*, a commitment to post every day through the month of May. Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days. This is the third time I've done NaBloPoMo, and I have to admit, it's not easy to keep up. But I've done it twice and I can do it a third time....more

Have you hugged a local occupier today? Happy May Day!

I will be heading into work this morning…  I do not have the funds… nor the job security to call in sick today….. I am a coward… With mouths to feed and a roof over heads to maintain… and I don’t think anyone truly holds that against me…. I am so grateful for those in a position to be there protesting today…...more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- Did You Celebrate May Day?

Did you celebrate May Day yesterday? Me? A day at the park with cousins. And you? Show me a picture or leave me a comment! ...more

I celebrated two exciting events on the First of May! Divine Mercy Sunday and the beatification ...more

May Baskets & May Wreaths

(If you would like to see the photos that go with this post please click on my blog "A Rolling Cone" below) ...more

May Day -- Love Thy Neighbor

May Crowning of Mary

I was probably about seven years old the day I walked into our church (single file of course) with the rest of my classmates, when I had my first experience of being “high.” As an adult that is the only way to describe what happened that day, and why suddenly no one else existed. It was just Mary and me. I no longer felt “in body.” I no longer cared about playing around in the pews with my friends as usual. This day was different and I knew it the moment she “walked by” down the middle aisle. ...more

May Day's Beltane: A Springtime Halloween

Blooming flowers and spring-time showers; this season really could not feel less like Halloween. ...more