Book Learning: Good and Bad Writing

Read: Book Learning: Good & Bad Writing...more

What Would Maya Angelou Think?

Credit for this image goes to the Maya Angelou official website. It's been three and a half months since Dr. Maya Angelou had passed away. Still life went on as it must....more

A Woman, Phenomenally: What Maya Angelou Taught Me

There’s an accusation, especially recently in our culture, about people who fight for social justice. We’re accused of perpetuating a victim mentality. People mistake our stories and our experiences for manifestations of victimhood. We’re told not to wallow. We’re told to rise above, and in many cases, to put aside and forget our experiences almost as if they don’t matter at all.In times when I am accused of these things, I like to remember Maya Angelou....more
I join you in being inspired by Maya Angelou. Thank you for this testimonial. I am a survivor of ...more

We are the possible

As you surely know, we lost Dr. Maya Angelou yesterday. That is, the world lost an important voice of wisdom and grace. But for many women, especially those of us in our 50's,  she inspired and strengthened us.  She demonstrated by her powerful presence, by her words and even her voice, that we are also powerful, especially when we declare ourselves worthy and open to the possible. Our voices are possible, because of her. Thank you, Maya.“A Brave and Startling Truth”...more

Maya Angelou Inspiring Quotes

Acclaimed author and poet Maya Angelou died this morning at age 86.Not many people have inspired as many lives as Maya Angelou has.Did you know that at 16, Maya Angelou was the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco and also the first woman conductor? By the time she was 40, she had been a cook, a waitress, a madam, a prostitute, a dancer, an actress, a playwright, an editor at an English-language newspaper in Egypt, and a Calypso singer?...more

We Thank You Maya Angelou

I have always loved reading. It has taken me to many places that my physical body will never see. I can remember distinctly the first time I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in Ms. Edwards middle school English class. I remember raising my hand to share in so much of the rich and lively discussion. Such a powerful work to read as a middle school-aged black girl. I remember reciting her poems Still I Rise and Phenomenal Woman before I could really grasp what they really meant....more

Maya Angelou's Passing

I just saw that Maya Angelou has passed at the age of eighty six. My heart sank and I felt as though a friend had been taken from me. I honestly didn't read much of her poetry, but her book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings has always been one of my all time favorites. ...more