Start Something That Matters

busi·ness - noun /ˈbiznis/  ...more

MRS Assumptions

On orientation day at Wharton business school, I made a stop in the ladies room to freshen up. I introduced myself to a woman who was already in the bathroom and we chatted about our commutes onto campus, while I touched up my lip gloss, tousled my hair and swapped out my comfy "travel shoes" for a pair of fierce, patent leather pumps.She complimented my shoes and asked if I was excited to meet the other partners who were invited to orientation.I responded, "Yes, and I had to convince my boyfriend to come so that he could meet everyone else too!"...more

An Opportunity to Network with Top MBA Admissions Directors

From September 14 - October 4, admissions directors from the top 20 MBA programs will be in a city near you at Forte Forums, an interactive, intimate event that features speakers, panelists and admissions directors....more

And so it begins

So there are times when you just have to say 'what the heck' and plunge headlong into what it feels like the rest of the world has been doing for ages.  The blog. Now, I have a few that I follow on a daily basis, and when I was laid-off I lost all of my links! So I've built them back up, and now I'm thinking 'hey, why not me?'  I am in the process as we speak of applying to business school. While I'd like to say ...more

Grad School, revisited

On Friday night, I had dinner with my friends Jenny and Josh. Jenny and I used to work together in the mid-90s, and somehow we’ve stayed friends despite not sharing office space for nearly a decade. She and Josh have three kids under the age of 6. They both work full time, and they are both in grad school. ...more

Driving MBA -- Senior Driving Safety Podcast - Featured

When is it time for a senior to assess their driving skills? How do you tell Mom it might be time to drive only during daylight hours? How important is driving to maintaining a senior’s independence? How do you objectively assess anyone’s driving skills? ...more