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The McBrownie: I'm Lovin' It

“There is no harm in repeating a good thing.”-- PlatoWell, Plato never got to see the cinematic classics Super Size Me or Reefer Madness.For the un-ordained, Super Size Me is an award-winning documentary chronicling one man’s 30-day consumption of food and beverage, sourced strictly from McDonald’s.  Not surprisingly, he gains weight, becomes irritable, and loses his libido.  He throws up a lot.  The conclusion: McDonald’s is the anti-Christ of food....more

The Kitchen Think: Want to Know Where Your Food Comes From? There's an App for That!

This is a really, really great idea, and hopefully it will become part of the way we eat; I just wished a fast-food joint hadn’t come up with the idea first.McDonald’s restaurants in Australia are testing out a free iPhone app that lets consumers know EXACTLY where the food they’re about to eat comes from.You are going to think I'm really cynical when I say this: Don’t you think that if you're seriously concerned about what you eat and where it comes from, you wouldn’t be eating at at McDonald’s? ...more

Police Called on a Group of Moms for Lack of Socks at McDonald's

So I took 5 kids plus Jordan to McDonald’s PlayPlace so I could try to load Microsoft Office 2010 onto my sweet new laptop. Since I didn’t have Internet access at home, I had to go to the good ole Mickey D’s. Jordan and I dropped some serious cash on food to keep the kids happy and off they went to play. Soon a snotty little girl started telling Michael that he had to leave because he had no socks on. She was quoting her mom and pointing to the sign that said you had to wear socks to play in the PlayPlace. I didn’t think much about it since half the kids in there had no socks on....more
You're "that mom" eh.more

5 Things I Want to Say to the Moron at McDonald's Who Spends 10 Minutes Staring at the Menu Board

Every time I go to McDonald’s (for my id="mce_marker" large Coke Zero), without fail, I find myself standing in line behind the tool who has no idea what they want to order.  Seriously?  Seriously.  Unless you’ve just regained your sight and have never seen the menu board at McDonald’s, then you have no excuse to stand there like an idiot, mouth agape, staring at the menu board.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch....more
This cracked me up.. It is like they are waiting for something new to appear ont he board ...more

McDonald's Takes the Lead and {A Giveaway}

McDonald's once again earns the title of industry leader in providing even better, healthier choices for our littlest eaters. The Happy Meal has been revamped and parents are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Remember when you had to argue with your kids to choose the apples over the french fries when ordering their Happy Meal?...more

My dog loves McDonald's ice cream. Don't judge me.

My dog’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks.  He’s going to be nine.  What do you get the dog that has everything?Answer: A McDonald’s arch card....more

Christmas McMuffin

Some people wake up on Christmas morning to the smells of a giant Christmas bruch. Other's make homemade cinnamon buns straight from the oven.  Other probably starve themselves until the turkey is ready....more
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CHINA: Then and Now

What a difference 28 years and an Olympics make!In 1983, I stepped off a somewhat rickety Air China plane onto the tarmac of the Beijing International Airport – and practically needed a flashlight....more
What a gift to travel to China in the early eighties! China appears to be changing so rapidly, I ...more

Can You Trust The 'Mommy Blogger'?

Post on my blog all about the truth behind some of the 'mommy bloggers' that are out there. I was kind of shocked but not totally surprised by what I found out about corporate sponsorship and how money seems to be more important to some people than telling the truth about companies. ...more