McYum Domination

As I stated in my blog "Goodbye Shelia" I am not going to keep quiet on this subject. For those of you who missed "Food Inc." I have found another documentary that you can watch entitled "McLibel"... ...more

The Evil Convenience of Fast Food

Okay, I get it - I've read the newspaper, and my mom has described (in lurid detail) the more disgusting scenes in Food, Inc. Our eating habits are terrible and I want my family to be healthier. Unfortunately, I'm also coping with busy schedules, picky teens, and a bank account that doesn't allow me to indulge in Whole Food's organic produce at $2 per blueberry. ...more

How Fast Is Fast?

I realize that all of us have a different standard of "fast". How do I know? Because when I tell my kids to get going "and fast" it is blatantly obvious to me that their perception of what they are doing is ...more

Time to add a new ingredient to your business?

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Ta da! OK, I'll admit it. I can still sing the lyrics to the McDonald's Big Mac commercial and that is just what they want. ...more

Supressing My Inner Perfect Mommy

I went to pick up my three year old at his daycare center yesterday. He was ramming around outside in the play area with all of his little buddies, as they do every afternoon. As I opened the gate to gain access, one of the teachers approached me. She was holding a clipboard. Oh no, I thought. Who did my kid hit today? Or maybe he had a poopy accident again? What has he done today that will ruin his chances for admission to Yale? As she got closer, I braced myself for the bad news. ...more

Business Lessons Learned From Starbucks

In case you didn't turn on the news this week, Starbucks pulled off the PR business coup of the year --the year being about 8 or 9 weeks old.On Tuesday night, all 7100 Starbucks-owned coffee shops closed for three hours to "retrain" their baristas. This was followed up with a new company promise posted in their stores, "“Your drink should be perfect, every time. If not, let us know and we'll make it right.” ...more

When the quality of the product doesn't match the PR hype, the consequences can be very ...more

Trends In Ambient Advertising--Otherwise Known As Ad Creep

The next report card at the Red Bug Elementary School,and for that matter all the other elementary schools in Seminole County,Florida will not double as a free coupon for a Happy Meal. The fact that The Red Bug Elementary School had a McDonald's report card is all part of a trend that is putting advertising everywhere including: School buses, police cars, the stripes in parking lots, and PDF files. ...more

Did the card give all the students an opportunity to get a free Happy Meal or only the ones with ...more

Like a Virgin

Taking a walk through Milan’s city centre is always a wonderful experience, and in the two years I’ve been away, one could really see the changes. Of course, there were little things, like my favorite florist having moved and expanded in what is the most Parisian corner of the city. Or, the fabulous inline skaters making their way up the promenade to hip-hop tunes. Much of the scaffolding had come down off the Duomo, leaving it uncovered again, timed perfectly for just after tourist season. And, of course, there was the huge addition to Milan’s Opera House, La Scala. ...more

Guilt with a side of fries. And supersize that.

What is it with this momma guilt everyone talks about? I mean, did someone have to label it? In any case, at least I have a name for all that weight I carry on my shoulders. Good gracious, I could be accused of bitching again... ...more

Mesmerized by golden arches: uncovering the power of marketing to the youngest demographic.

The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine recently published a study that will give even more fuel to the fire of criticism against companies who market directly to young children. ...more