Dear Spouses of Stay at Home Parents,

 Imagine receiving an email that says something like:“Attn:...more

Sanity (or less) in 30 minutes (or more)

Thirty minutes. It’s a relatively short amount of time, right? But I’m convinced these little half-hour segments are the key to a happy life and marriage. A while back, my husband and I realized that there were lots of things we both wanted to do, but felt like we didn’t have time for. As a mom, I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on some things others might take for granted, like a long, hot shower, or uninterrupted sleep. Parents can always find time for their children, but sometimes we neglect to find time for ourselves. We came up with a simple, but life-changing solution....more

May Challenge: Take 10 Minutes of "Me Time" Every Day This Month

May is supposed to be mom's month -- not just one day where after getting breakfast in bed it's pretty much business as usual. How can moms take back the month? Probably not with an indulgent vacation, or a chef to cook dinner every night. Instead, we'll have to do it a little at a time. It has to look like "business as usual" to everyone else, as we sneak in a few minutes of "me time" for ourselves....more

Me Time

When I finished my homework this past Sunday, I picked up a craft project.  It seems I haven't had time for them in ages and I needed to create something.Why?  Because creating something beautiful feeds your soul.  It calms your mind as you work and brings about a zen-like state.  You also get an immense feeling of satisfaction when you view and hold your completed project....more

A Mama's Weekend ALONE

Well, here I am. Sitting in bed, noodling around on the computer.  The house is quiet except for the purr of my cat, Bob, sitting next to me.  No one to feed, no one to pick up or drop off, no one to comfort or discipline or praise or referee.I’m alone....more

Mom's Gone Wild

I hit the big 4-0 this year. And like so many people who manage to avoid an early death, I’m taking stock of my life as I hit this milestone. In many ways, I’m doing fine—at least as fine as anyone trying to manage two kids, one husband, three pets, a busy career and a never-clean house can be. But like so many moms I know, I feel like I’ve kind of lost track of who I am, apart from my roles as wife and mom and career girl....more

Day 21, NaBloPoMo, Mom Me Time, Midnight Showers

A quick midnight post, day 21 of NaBloPoMo! Something about midnight showers for a busy mom and the fast forward button. Thank you DVR.

Finding the Right Balance of Togetherness

My boyfriend makes me happy–genuinely. I enjoy his company and have a great time when I’m around him. I’m a better version of myself when I’m around him....more

Does A Mother Ever Stop Mothering? (Please Say Yes)

My mom stopped by this morning, theoretically so we could talk about Little’s wedding and Middle’s upcoming cross-country move. But it quickly devolved into me crying with my head in her lap, summing up in glorious detail how I was completely overwhelmed, and sucked the fat one with my ability to manage three kids, and I didn’t even know what to do with myself in the three minutes of my day where I wasn’t breaking up a fight, feeding someone, or cleaning something up. And Who The Fuck invented this whole summer business and for the love of God, WHY?...more
Great post! I could really feel your pain today when my husband and I decided we should never ...more


She opens her eyes while it is still dark, knowing that morning is close and her time, if she wants it, is now. She eases from the bed slowly without waking her husband, who is still deep in the throws of slumber. Her feet hit the painted wood floor and the boards groan as they accept her weight. She creeps, gently as a she can, out of the room and down the steps....more