But if I WANT to stay home?

The other day I came across this post on Blogher. While I do not think that separation from the mom will cause permanent damage in the little ones as long as they are with another primary caregiver (such as the dad, grandma, etc.). Seriously, which mother who really loves her child and wants the best for her/him would leave their newborn with just someone their child does have no bond with?...more

My Quiet Place, My Still, Oh Where?

I see that!~ I like it! @Waffle-Wednesday more

Fighting Demons

An old friend as been wanting to come and hang out for a while. I've been putting her off, pretty much keeping her at bay for what feels like years. While there's no logical reason for it, if I'm honest, I don't feel good about myself when she is around me, in fact I feel disordinately crap. She's really totally harmless, quiet, but just clingy. Really really clingy. The slightest thought of her presence back in my life immediately makes me feel nervous and apprehensive....more

Pampering (or, a glass of wine solves everything)

The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy. I can't even believe we survived. Really. Between getting packed up and ready for vacation with a toddler, enduring a visit to Urgent Care in an unknown city, and bottle weaning, I feel like I've aged five-years in the last three weeks....more

Paperwork-ing with Sex and The City... read on....

Today , I combined my paperwork with Sex and the City.  I was so proud to accomplish (a dreaded) chore without a hitch.   Hope you appreciate and enjoy  my post:-)  A D.I.Y idea I'm proud  to share!  Read my latest post in: CATwife in BKK  ...more

It's Momma-Time

 Something interesting happened when I had kids. I got lost. Not the black- smoke-will-kick-my-ass kind of Lost, but the I-know-I-used-to-be-in-here- somewhere kind of lost. I look in the mirror and I can see myself on the outside, proof that I do, in fact, exist. I just can’t seem to find the “myself” on the inside some days. ...more

If mom is happy...

Ever feel like if you take time to shower, then your preschooler will never get into the right college?...more

A Holiday To Hope

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more