Where can I find a Gluten Free Meal Plan?

  Gluten Free Meal PlanWe are glad to offer our free gluten free, dariy free meal plan to evey one and while you are there check our delicious recipes. Keep checking back, we will have our grain free meal plan up soon....more

Eat Yoga for your body and mind


Motherly Advice: Late Night Valentine’s Day Meal Edition

  A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body....more

A Meal Made With (And For) Love

Candles, check. Romantic music, check. Flowers, check. Delicious food…big check! Why deal with getting the perfect reservation, overpaying for a meal that is half the price on any other day or curbing your drinking because you have to drive? And for most folks, it’s still cold outside so what better way to keep warm then to cook for your honey and stay home for a romantic evening. The menu below is sure to please, especially when you add the secret ingredient of love!Passionate Pomegranate...more

What are you cooking for your love one ?

What are you cooking for your love one ? Valentine's day is approaching and i am wondering what to cook for my husband on this special day. It is always such a pleasure to cook for someone you love because you want to give them the best, the ultimate meal and surprise them as well with your intention and devotion. I am thinking about Foie gras with a Boeuf bourguignon, and Champagne, bien sûr. ...more

Vegan Food Can Still Taste Good. Hear that Bourdain?

Despite my sporadic attempts to think logically, I'm in love with Anthony Bourdain.  I know it may seem ludicrous, even downright nefarious (thesaurus.com anyone?) for me, a vegan good girl to be hopelessly in love with a carnivorous bad boy like my Tony but I suppose that's why it appeals to me.  Because it's oh so wrong....more

Ah, someone else who gets it! :) I'm guessing you have a vegan blog? I'll have to stop by and ...more

A lot of food for the holidays

A lot of food for the holidays Is there such things as eating too much during the holidays. So many occasions, so many gatherings, so many celebrations; there is just a lot of everything, every time. Of course all the recipes; the baking, the cooking, the broiling but there is also all the sugary, sweet stuff too ! And talk about the wine, the bubbly, the liquors, the too hard to handle. Ouf, sometimes i just think that we will explode. So far, we had a lot of celebrations already....more

Sharing dinner with friends

Sharing dinner with friends Over the years, i have been painting images with the kitchen, the meal, the table as a theme. Because seriously, being around a table with some people, enjoying a good meal is certainly one of the best thing in life. From Africa to Russia to Quebec, we're all enjoying the same thing ; being together sharing a meal. I have done that a thousand times, with family, with friends, eating fried chicken or caviar. The ambiance, the smell, the excitement, the pure bliss of a perfect dinner. ...more

Let the Battle Rage

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/11/let-battle-rage.html Finally! Our representatives have grown a pair and have drawn a line in the sand against the fast food industry, on our behalf. In a nearly unanimous vote by city officials, fast food operators in San Francisco can no longer give away toys in kid's meals, unless they meet certain standards...much higher than what these restaurants currently hold for themselve...in sodium, fat, sugar, fruit, vegetable, beverage, and caloric content....more

Draw for Your Dinner

 http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/10/draw-for-your-dinner.htmlIf you're like I was, when we first started trying to eat healthy meals at home, our menu of items didn't extend much past grilled chicken, baked fish, and salads...a LOT of salads! I had a collection of cookbooks, but either some of the recipes no longer fit into our new way of eating or we could never agree on what to make or, since we hadn't planned in advance, I didn't have all the ingredients to make an entree anyway....more