How To: Meal Plan

I don't know about you, but getting in the kitchen after a long day of work just doesn't appeal to me.  It used to not bother me at all, but recently, I just can't seem to find the motivation to want to cook dinner.  I will go and buy everything at the grocery store that I need.  But I can't get myself to actually cook the food. ...more
Hi, I just shared my meal planner for six hectic days of the week. You can have a look at them ...more

Weekly Menu: Baby Solid Food with pictures

Transitioning to baby solid food can be tricky. I want to share with you a sample weekly menu for baby solid food. When my daughter, Eden, started on solid food, I struggled to find anyone willing to share what their baby was eating at a particular age. I wanted to know what a typical day looked like for an early eater and only found a few resources, which you can check out from our Feeding Baby Pinterest Board. Over the last six months, I have figured out why: Every baby is different AND Every day is different....more
mothersapronstrings I'm glad to hear it's helpful! I definitely hope to share more in the future!more

Should We Eat This?

I cannot be the only...who has slaved away in the kitchen, with multiple pots on the stove top, the oven a'baking, and even the BBQ smoking away outside, to finally sit down at the dinner table, look at the food and think, "is this cooked enough?" ...more

What's for dinner?

I'm going to share with you two secrets that changed my eating habits and meal time forever!  Ready for this? First off - meal planning.  This literally takes me 5 minutes (ok, maybe 10) on Saturday or Sunday, whenever I'm going to do groceries for the week.  I take a piece of paper, usually a notepad size piece of paper, write down the days of the week and then take a few minutes to jot down what I want to eat.  It looks something like this :Sunday- Pork roast- Brussel sprouts- CarrotsMonday- Chicken thighs...more

What Do You Eat?

I often get asked the question, “what do you eat?”  Well, I am here to tell you I eat a lot!  I love food, especially yummy, sweet treats in moderation (moderation is the key word)!!  I am always on the go and can find myself being unprepared while out and about.  On days where I lack in the preparation department, I find myself searching for quick, go to items that are healthy and delicious.  My go to fast food options are Subway turkey breast sandwich and Chik-fil-A’s grilled chicken sandwich.  Add a side of fruit and you are set!  I also have a love for...more

It's A Plan!

A meal plan, that is...Weekly Meal Plan: July 29 - August 4Sunday:  Kung Pao chicken w/ brown rice and egg rollsMonday: Buffalo Chicken SaladsTuesday:  Breakfast for DinnerWednesday:  PastaThursday:  Bbq chicken, quinoa or brown rice, veggiesFriday:  TBD (grocery day)Saturday:  Subs (originally posted @ This is My Day Job)...more

Meal Plan Week 3

Happy weekend, folks!  This week's meal plan is brought to you by the great meat sale at Safeway this week.  While I don't have any soups this week, I have primarily casseroles, so I'm still not using a lot of meat.  I'm also trying to utilize products already in my pantry, so that I can stock up on a bit of the meat that's on sale.  I'm running low on some kinds of meat in my freezer-which is actually normal for this time of the year.  We'll start seeing pork going on sale soon, and turkeys......more

Meal plan: week of 11/28, and I'm uninspired

  Post-Thanksgiving let down has left me uninspired....more
@Laine Griffin I agree. I don't think I YET duplicate some of those terrific Chinese take-outs ...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 4/25/11

Happy Monday!  I think I’m on my last week of driving around between 5 and 6, then rushing home to get dinner on the table.  It’s stressful enough as it is – I cannot imagine doing this without meal planning.  Not only have I been searching for recipes based on time, but I’ve been doing as much as possible in advance so that things are ready to be put in the pan or just re-heated; my family is ravenous by 7:00!...more