Crockpot Favorites

This winter is just about driving me insane! The snow and cold temps are a little more than I can bear these days. I have a definite case of the winter blues. Which is why I am especially grateful for my trusty crockpot. I can have a warm dinner ready when I walk in the door from work. So I can slip into my fleece pj’s and be as lazy as I want!...more

The maniac's guide to meal-planning: part 2 of 4

This is the second post of a four-part series on meal-planning like a boss–even when life’s crazy....more

The maniac's guide to meal-planning: part 1 of 4

Source“Cooking healthy food takes so much work–it’s such a chore.”“My weeknights are too busy for dinner! I don’t have time for more than microwaved meals or fast food.”...more

Family Fondue Night

Wow – last week just about kicked my butt! I had a sick kiddo – my little Monkey. And we had to do some blood work and are talking to the pediatrician about Periodic Fever Syndrome, since he gets these fever episodes every 4-5 weeks. Super high fevers. Super scary fevers. They stink. However, half way through the week, he changed from having his normal fever with no other symptoms to a runny nose and seemed to start getting worse. He hardly complained about anything, so we were waiting it out a bit....more

Classic Lasagna

Pasta is one of those meals that my entire family likes, it is easy and quick, and pretty frugal. I make my own spaghetti sauce, and usually make a large batch of it in the crockpot, so it is a fairly inexpensive meal. However, we sometimes get bored of traditional spaghetti. I sometimes mix things up and use a pesto sauce or an Alfredo sauce, which my family likes, as well. But sometimes we want something a little more elaborate....more

Winter Soup Round-Up

This year has been a particularly bad winter here in the Midwest. We've had frigid, subzero temperatures, lots and lots of snow, and icy roads in-between the snowstorms. Sigh. For this non-winter-loving girl, it has been a bit rough. I much preferred our last couple winters which have been incredibly mild. ...more