A first attempt at meal planning

Kelsey Sunstrum Hah. I think about it all of the time. Problem is, my partner is the one who ...more

Sunday Food Prep Week 1

Meal planning can make or break a lifestyle change– whether you’re trying to lose weight or just heat more healthy. Food Prep is the process of preparing parts of meals ahead of time so that it won’t take so long later. There’s a health trend that’s been popping up lately: choosing one day out of the week to prep parts of your meals for the whole week. One of my favorite blogs, The Lean Green Bean, posts weekly “Sunday Food Prep Inspirations”....more

This Week's Groceries

It’s been awhile since I have posted my grocery list and what I’ll be making for dinner. With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it would be good to post this week’s grocery list....more

Easy Chili Recipe

Fall has been slow to arrive here, but I had to give in and just start making my fall favorites anyway! Chili is one of my favorite fall and winter meals. Nothing warms you up form the inside-out like a bowl of chili! My kids actually love chili. I know a lot of kids don’t like beans and prefer things not all mixed together. When Roo asked about what was in the chili early on, I told him “magic beans” and he’s been good with it ever since....more

Too Tired To Cook? Simplify Your Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

I am one busy woman, and I bet you are too. If you know me, you know that  cooking and meal planning are high priority for me and I am hell bent on making almost all of my meals come straight out of my kitchen.  The more I cook the less tolerance I have for overly salty, fat laden takeout.  I want to know exactly what is in my food and how it is prepared.  I want vegetable heavy dishes. No restaurant is going to tell me that or do that for me.  It's all on me....more

Sloppy Toms (Turkey Sloppy Joes) and a Weekly Menu

With football season in full swing, my mind has been wandering to tailgating favorites! Even though our weather has not been very fall-like until the last couple days, my thoughts have been on crockpots full of hearty meals to fill tummies up during the pregame festivities! An easy, classic, and crowd pleasing favorite at any tailgate is Sloppy Joes....more

Tasty Tuna Melts and a Weekly Menu

While I love tuna, I often overlook it when planning my meals. Tuna is rich in Omega 3's so it's good for your heart and your brain. And it's fairly cheap. So in an effort to get out of my current meal rut feeling, I decided to add in some things we haven't had in a while....more

52 Weeks of No-Repeat Meals

Do you meal plan?  Maybe you've thought about it but didn't want to take up a bunch of time putting a meal plan together on your own....more

Pizza Dinner Paradox

When I was a kid, Friday was my mother's favorite day. Not only was it the end of her work week, but it was also pizza night. No cooking for her. Just five thrilled kids and a satisfied husband wiping their greasy grins with their sleeves, humming a unified "Yum" at the first hot gooey bite of the thin crust sausage just-delivered pizza.Extra easy. Extra decadent. Extra special....more

Menu Planning in the Digital Age — or, Domestic Nerdiness

So, like everyone else, the question of “What’s for dinner?” comes up a lot. Between homeschooling, domestic nonsense and my general inability to stay organized, I’m often down to the wire and calling up our favorite pizza place. Did I mention we got a Christmas card from them with a personal message inside? Yeah, that’s how you know when you order too much pizza....more