The March Meal Plan is Simple and Satisfying (as is the pizza dough challenge!)

So I admit it. February’s Meal Plan was a tad too ambitious. Erm…well, a bit more than a tad. It would have been hard to stick to it if life was normal but my life has certainly NOT been normal lately. The most abnormal part: The Hubs has been traveling for work A LOT. Three weeks worth last month, another week+ coming up this month.Do you blame me if I’m not finding the energy to make seared sea scallops with preserved lemon slivers? Ha!So March’s goal is two words: SIMPLE and SATISFYING...more

The February Meal Plan (Including a Lemony Week and a Barley Challenge)

[Editor's Note: At the beginning of 2012, Chris of Cook The Story decided to embark on a new challenge: She would create a menu plan for each month of the year, and try to follow it. She builds the plan in an Excel spreadsheet, and is reporting back about how well she sticks to the chosen menus, plus other tips and techniques for making meal preparation easier. Since she's the mother of a three-month-old, this challenge is helping her stay on top of her game. Read on to find out what's on Chris' February menu. --Genie]...more
@Szescula Eating what's in the freezer...oh, RIGHT! I need to do some of that... It's so ...more

Organized Home: Meal Planning Notebook

A meal planning notebook is, at least in my life, essential to being organized when I'm putting together meal plans.  Rather than fumbling through my eleventy billion cookbooks and bookmarked online recipes, I can have a central place where I have an index of every meal my family loves, as well as the source for that recipe.  It also makes meal planning a relatively quick chore.  Instead of spending hours in front of the computer or with the stack of cookbooks, I can run through the index and quickly choose meals for this weeks' plan. ...more

Start Your Week Off Right

Today's Workout:Swim - WU200m Continuous (last 50/100 kick), M9x100m EBEH (Easy, Build, Easy, Hard)Bike - 1 Hour on the trainer, with some hills-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...more

January's Monthly Meal Plan

As promised, here’s the January Meal Plan:January Meal Plan(It’s an excel file. My hope is that you can print it as is or use it as a template for your own meal plan. Note: there are links below the calendar to the recipes that are used in the plan.)We’re five days into The Plan already and I thought I should be honest and tell you just how far off track we’ve gone.Day 1:...more

Meal plan week of 1/2/12 - post holiday fridge and body clean out

Monday, 1/2 – Lots of New Years Eve and New Years day leftovers.Tuesday, 1/3 - Southern Black eye pea minestrone (more leftovers!)Wednesday, 1/4 - Chicken and pineapple skewers, salad with ginger-cilantro vinaigrette.Thursday, 1/5 - Crockpot Mexican turkey stew.Friday, 1/6 - Pizza Friday!!Saturday, 1/7 - Pasta with meatballs, salad and homemade bread....more
Yes, water!!! Must have water! @victorias_viewmore

Weekly meal plan: week of November 7, 2011

random picture of things I love to consume I'm going to start posting my weekly meal plans - if I do this I will stick to it, right!?...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 5/16/11

It’s the middle of May, and my furnace just kicked on.  Although the flowers and tender asparagus shoots assure me that winter is over, I’m  not planning meals that go from grill to patio table yet!   But, I did grab the grocery circular and plan great dinners that fit into our budget, and a few that can be grilled if the weather changes....more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/27

Today I’m thinking about barbecue and food allergies.  It’s not as straight forward as you might think.  Marinades that the meat soaks in for hours most likely contain some sort of gluten or casein.  Ditto for the sauce.  So…what can you do if you need to prepare a safe meal?  Cook from scratch, read labels (especially on hot dogs and smoked type sausages), and plan something that does not require bread.  I’m going to start with dinner, first today!...more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/13

Yes...I's not Wednesday anymore. Rebound migraines - need I say more?? I hope you all had a wonderfully warm Wednesday!  Since we have not seen snow here for over a week, I’m officially changing my diet to warm weather foods.  If you want to infer that because of the warm weather I’ve decided to be a little more aggressive with the weight loss settings in my meal planning, so be it…   ...more