Exploring the World of Extreme Couponing

I'm a pretty thrifty woman and I don't particularly mind that my family makes fun of me for it. We do not throw away money on things we don't need. If we need it, and can afford it, we will buy it -- we'll look for a sale but if we don't find one, we still buy. Which pretty much explains why I've never been anything more than a sporadic coupon user. And that, my friends, is about to change. I have entered the world of the extreme couponer. ...more

that doesn't mean I can't save.

Some day I'll live near a doubling store (I hope) -- in the ...more

Reboot Your Meal Planning

by  Sarah Welch Unless you’re a professional chef, we’re betting that one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of your week/day is meal planning. Finding a recipe, shopping for ingredients, chopping and prepping, not to mention the actual cooking part – it sounds exhausting before you’ve even started. That’s one of the reasons why so many time-starved people are starving for home-cooked meals. It’s all just so time consuming. But wait, it really isn’t if you do just a little bit of advance planning. If you can’t imagine three consecutive days without visiting a drive-through or picking up the phone for delivery, read on....more

I am totally going to sit down this weekend and plan the rest of February.

One thing, ...more

Menu Plan Monday - Start the Year Off Right With Planning

Happy 2011!I hope you had a very enjoyable holiday season. Now that it's over, it's time to get back to real life. Tough, but necessary.Last year, I talked a lot about menu planning. Well, it turns out, I did it for a good reason. As a busy working mom, the thing that saved me the most was menu planning and using my crock pot.I have been working hard to lose weight, so I will need to balance the crock pot use with my food allergies (dairy, wheat and yeast) and making a healthy meal that everyone will be interested in....more

Chicken Parmesan with Pasta. Get out your Carb Lovin’ Sweatpants Again.

Chicken Parmesan with Pasta. Get out your Carb Lovin’ Sweatpants Again. This is probably the most complex recipes I have attempted thus far. A few years ago my mother compiled a family recipe book for all the girls in the family. (I know, she is totally sexist!)...more

Easy Cheddar and Bacon Biscuits. Also, I Love Sweatpants.

The four people who actually read my blog may be thinking "Since when did this turn into a Food Blog?" Good question, although I don't have an answer, but it sure seems as though it has turned into a food blog, eh? Suck it up....more

I just ate one for lunch, with a fried egg and cheese slice in between. I was in cheese heaven!!more

Pork Cops With Mustard Sauce.

Pork Chops With Mustard Sauce  ...more

Meal Planning for the Week

I'm  still not in full Thanksgiving panic mode - so we'll be eating pretty well this week (next week may be a different story as I prepare for the influx of family). My plan includes some really tasty stuff this week like: Chicken soup from homemade stock -  darling son has requested that I make the noodles from scratch to they are "thick like Panera's."  If I have any dough leftover, I'll make the noodles for a lactose free vegetarian lasagna. ...more

With a new spam filter. I'm sorry for your frustration. It's been passed on. ...more

Menu Plan for the week of Monday 11-8-10

I've only planned dinners again this week - we have plenty of  leftovers for lunch. (And, breakfast for my youngest son - like me - he's not ready for sweet until later in the day). I'm really looking forward to the corned beef and goulash - nothing says "warm and cozy" like the smell of dinner pulling you into the kitchen! Before this can happen I have to go and buy groceries... My menu is posted here - what's on yours?     Marianne at Mealmixer ...more

I always love nacho night.

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Five Secrets to Meal Planning

Grab a cookbook or go surfing for "quick and easy recipes" or "15 minute dinners." Don't neglect the major manufacturer's websites. Kraft, Betty Crocker, Morningstar, etc all know that you are crunched for time. Many have meal plans for a week and all have quick and easy recipes. Your grandma's secret slaw/fudge/potato salad/apple pie recipe started as a recipe on a label. Don't confront her about it. Just know that 2 million other grandmothers have nearly the same secret recipe. ...more

Here's what works for our family

Monday, a roast or meat based meal (whole chicken or roast) ...more

Committing to Following a Meal Plan

Somewhere along the road of extreme stress, worries and constantly being busy I have gained 30lbs. I already know I’m an emotional eater – I eat when I’m stressed, sad and depressed....more