Beginner's Guide to Meal Planning

I get asked about meal planning a lot. I get asked about if it is easy, if it saves me money, if it saves me stress. Yes, yes, and yes. Meal planning is one of those skills that I am confident I rock at. ...more

Dinner for one: Eating by yourself

I know several moms who have multiple children with active schedules. Those Moms spend their evenings and weekends chauffeuring their children to various sports activities, musical activities and dance lessons. I'm always amazed by that (think of the planning and coordination that takes), and I usually have one question for them: Where do you find the time for dinner?...more

Meal Planning 101

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs: Family, Fun, Fitness and FOOD! Visit FFR at Recently on Facebook I shared my latest sales receipts from the grocery store. My family is on a weekly budget, which means we can’t spend every dollar on high-end organic food like we would love to do. From sharing my shopping experiences, I received quite a few emails on meal ideas so I thought I would share some meal planning tips....more

Meal Planning to the Rescue!

Meal Planning to the Rescue!Story and photos by Angie Sutton, I love this time of year because it seems like we have an excuse for eating in a different way. Often we find ourselves dining at the picnic table outside or grabbing a bite on our tailgate at the ballpark. The central theme to these meals seems to be ease of preparation, portability and quick to eat! ...more

Ready In 15 Minutes "The Tastiest, Sloppiest Joe's Ever".

 1 lb of ground beef or turkey) Organic of course;)1 small bell pepper( I usually use green but I had orange on hand. It turned out good)1 small onion1 16 oz can of petite diced tomatoes1 16 oz can of tomato sauce1 can of tomato paste8 dashes of Worcestershire sauce1 tbs of horseradish mustard( or any kind you like) I love this mustard, it gives a really good flavor.1 tbs of minced garlic...more

Three Square Meals A Day

We eat three square meals a day. We have breakfast at around 7:00, lunch at around 12:00, and supper at around 18:00. We seldom eat between meals, and we never eat after 21:00. We believe that having healthy meals regularly is the most important thing in our daily lives.    I haven't always been so careful about what I eat, though. When I lived in an apartment and had a full-time job, I was so busy and tired that I sometimes failed to have proper meals, which caused a lot of health problems. I should have known better....more

Thankful Thursday: He Actually Ate A Meal

I cannot be the only one…who has spent the last several years of their lives in a perpetual state of begging their child to eat.  Not just the typical, “Eat your vegetables,” but a pleading to eat something, anything, even the one part of the meal that you were sure your child would eat (like grapes or French fries).  This has been a running theme in our house since the day the Sonny Boy was born (literally, read Mom on Mom Judgment, the see the section on breastfeeding)....more

Recipe: Soup!

Earlier, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers for some of their favorite soup recipes. This cold weather has gotten me in such a “soupy” mood. Nothing is better on a cold day like a steaming hot bowl of soup that you simmered on the stove for hours! I got a few really tasty ideas. I took a spin around my freezer and pantry and threw together tonight’s dinner.Remember my mad dash to freeze pre-made meals during my hyper-organizing phase of pregnancy? Well today, that came in handy!...more

Hey, Mom, what's for lunch?

When I was able to eat hot lunches at school, there were limited options. We ate the food that the kindly nuns made for us. Actually, I am pretty sure the nuns didn’t cook, but it was Catholic school, so you never know.The point is, we didn’t have options.But some schools do give children a choice in what they select for meals, which fascinates me. I can see the boys and girls lining up in the cafeteria, deciding between roast beef or spaghetti. Between carrots or tater tots. (I know that my son would choose the tater tots.)...more

Skipping breakfast defeats being healthy

Original Content from: Oh, Just Stop AlreadyWhen you roll out of bed and get yourself ready for the d...more