Why we now eat family-style

A few weeks ago, we started letting our son serve himself his own food at dinnertime....more

Family Dinner: What to Bring

The evidence is quite conclusive.  Family dinner is a good idea.  It is not easy to make it happen but we know we should.   My house is wild with after school activities.  But even in the mayhem of four children in several directions, family dinner happens.  It is not always the perfect picture of a family, at home, around a dining room table, laden with delicious food.  Sometimes it is just me, with some of my kids, sharing a pizza at a table in a hockey rink.  But regardless of the venue, there are a few things to bring to a family dinner to make th...more

Mealtime Matters 101: Don't Complain and Other Rules

There was a discussion on twitter the other night.  A mom was frustrated with her daughter’s complaints at the dinner table. I immediately piped up, because I know everything about parenting, and added my two cents.  “Complaining ends the meal.”  Simple -- she complains, the meal is over for her. DONE. ...more
I tell me girls that people who complain about food are lucky because they have full bellies. ...more

Managing Mealtime Chaos

Once again, my two-year-old reminds me just how much mental maneuvering parenthood involves. It’s a perpetual negotiation, a battle of wills, an unnerving power struggle, and the more I attempt to control a situation, the more I lose....more