Teach Your Children

I have had it with the excuses. "They're only being kids." "It's just girl stuff." And my favorite, the resigned, shoulder-shrugging, "Well, what can you do?" The answer is that we can raise our kids. Toddlers take toys from other children. They pitch fits when they don't get their way. I had one with a proclivity for shoe-throwing during fits of pique. ...more

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?In this day and age, bloggers are quickly climbing the social ladder to stand next to the likes of Beyonce and others who have claimed celebrity or cult status, but are we becoming the new mean girls of the internet? Awkward Tension...more
AineBeauty Hi Aine! It was a brand event ran by PR and the brand founders. It was in a small ...more

Do Former Mean Girls Raise Queen Bees?

“We can be friends on the bus, but not at school.” My eight-year-old and her friends have already started experiencing the mean girl mentality. I have witnessed girls slowly turning on one another on the playground as well as in the backseat of my minivan. Girls who were inseparable before third grade will be entering fourth grade as strangers. ...more
Thank you so much! This topic needs a lot more attention. Our school district has no tolerance ...more

Mean Girls

A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter Elvira and my 2-year-old granddaughter Coraline to our local science museum to spend a snowy afternoon. It was Coraline's first time there, but Elvira and I were far more excited about going than she was. We were sure we knew what she'd like best -- the live animals -- because that's what we like best....more

Telenovelas, Mean Girls & Sharkeisha: Questions About Woman on Woman Hate

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

Big, fat, hairy lies

A glance at the clock jarred me. I had to get changed and leave as soon as possible to make it back to the high school on time.After donning a frumpy pink dress, I looked in the mirror. While not flattering, it didn’t reveal every roll of fat on my torso. A quick analysis of my cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose showed no new zits for once.But then there was my hair. It hung limply around my face, still damaged from pointless junior high perms. It was oily, but there was no time to wash and dry it before the spring band concert....more

I Let a Third Grade Snob Get to Me

My nine year old daughter, Kiera, frequently comes home with a host of tales about a particular girl in her class. I’ll call her Claire. Claire is, like, uber fashionable. “So in style,” gushes Kiera. Kiera was enamored with her at first. Claire is new to the school and just exudes coolness. Apparently. "She’s already soooo popular, mom,” says Kiera. To make things even more interesting, Claire gives Kiera all kinds of fashion and style tips. ...more
Your daughter is adorable.more

What Have I Done?

At sixteen, I’m a pro at resisting the flow. Every other girl in my school boasts almost butt-length, straightened hair. As they slink through the halls, I inhale the scent of their tresses—crispy, burned, sort of like a campfire but not really. Campfires smell good.            For the longest time, I embraced my curls. My mom made sure I never ran out of Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner. Bad hair day? No prob....more

Glen Coco, How Are you Still Alive

Disclaimer: This post is not about the fictional character Glen Coco from everyone's favorite comedy Mean Girls.  It is about my beta fish who I named after the legendary Glen Coco from Mean Girls. ...more

Girls Can Be Meanies