Saying "I Still Love You" When You'd Rather Trip Your Kid as She Stomps Out of the Room

“You’re the meanest Mommy everrrrrrrr! I don’t love you! I don’t even like you!” Ana Lu screeched, stomping on the floor, arms down by her side, hands balled into petite fists … wait for it … followed by the quintessential stomp out of the room. Into her room she goes, catapults herself onto her bed, yanks the comforter over her head and grunts octaves higher than necessary, assuring I get the memo she's pissed. ...more
I needed this today.  Needed it on a deep, deep level.  Going through this phase with my oldest, ...more

Women: Do You Ever Hate Other Women?!

Edited from original post on TheKerrieShow.comYesterday at the Community Center) a woman passive-aggressively as she was leaving says to me, "It's not a lunchroom." Yeah, and her kid was hitting my kid, so my bringing in apple slices and carrot sticks and having my kid eat them only right next to me is the least of her worries. Dang, Lady, I didn't bring in PEANUTS or MSG or POLLEN!...more
I'm pretty sure I would have been a little snarky...more