Searching For Meaning in Life's Pandemonium

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comPoetry is a unique writing style where the author conveys complex ideas within few words. This is part of the reason I was drawn to poetry in my use. Even just half a sentence or a single word can cause a flood of imagery. Words like chaos, pandemonium, transcendence and exultation come to mind. A person may know their definition, but the imagery they see is unique. Poetry is a medium that plays with that imagery....more

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Didn’t Work (and what will!)

Having problems with your New Year’s Resolutions? How many times have you made them and then failed to keep them after only a few days, or in my case, hours? ...more

Words of Eternal Life

Jn. 6:66-69We seek a reason for everything--why did those two young men set off the bombs, why are we here, what is the purpose of my life. The reality is there are no answers.  We are fragile human beings. For me the gift of Jesus is the life that underpins human lives. He has become one of us so that we become like him--acting in love toward all--his words lead us into a quality of life, which gives meaning, hope, and love in all we do. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more

Heavenly Horticulture

Flowers have their own language and lore.  The Victorians loved to send “secret messages” within a bouquet to express love or friendship during a time of strict moral codes.   Early Christians used flowers to represent religious meaning in their teachings to illustrate a point since the majority of their followers were illiterate.  The most famous being the clover used by St. Patrick to represent the Holy Trinity....more

Why Do Stories Matter?

This is part of a December series on stories celebrating the coming launch of my new lit zine wordhaus. Read part 1 and part 2, and check out wordhaus.I pretty much spend my whole life in stories. ...more

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Survival

I guess I am a born philosopher; I came out of the womb asking, “Why?”   You can imagine that when I got breast cancer twice I had lots of whys.   I never asked, “Why me?” but I DID ask, “Why at all?  Why should anyone have to suffer like this?”  Refusing to let my suffering go to waste I determined to give it meaning by helping others who were facing the same ordeal....more


Throughout the day I have been thinking about what to write about today. I didn't want to do another post complaigning about the dire current state of my financial affairs orgoing on even more about how much I am missing Milo (he'll be back in my arms tomorrow!!!) and then something this evening sparked my mind and so now I have my subject matter. ...more

The Concept of Royalty Bothers Me

Okay, the royal wedding is over, and yes I am purposively using lower case.  I understand that bright colors, sparkly things, and lifestyles that read like fairy tales can be attractive.  They do draw attention, and in that sense they are truly attractive. ...more

I see your point. I'm more of a covert ops type person myself .... I am a semiotic ...more

Charge on!!!

Several weeks ago a friend sent an email instructing me to take off my high heels and put on my combat boots.  It is an idea that has been on my mind constantly.  God is constantly leading me to see we are called to be IN the BATTLE.  He tells us to put on the whole armor of God.  Why?  So we can stand against the enemy IN the battle.   Life lesson:  Get IN the battle!  I sense a new urgency.  If this is a battle and we are told how to prepare for battle, why are we so seldom on the battlefield?  I think...more

Are you a World Changer?

I attended a conference recently and the speaker explained how each of us is created for a special task.  Just as we have our own unique fingerprint, we are called to leave our own unique print on the world and mankind.  Over a year ago I wrestled with the Lord throughout the night unable to sleep at all with His constant admonition, “Heather, you are a World Changer.”  Being a World Changer sounded like such a huge and daunting feat.  I was so intimidated.  I begged the Lord to choose someone else.  Since that time, my understanding has changed and the call is...more