Croquettes with haggis

So my dear meat-lover, are you ready for the culinary adventures? Because we are going to eviscerate, boil and smoke the meat without mercy. Genuine chefs cook meat only so and in no other way....more

Will's Extra Special Marinade

  Will's Extra Special MarinadeGreat marinade using port, espresso, cocao powder, smoked paprika and more. Makes steaks so tender. Great for marinating beef, bison and lamb.Ingredients...more

One-Pan "Practical Pork Chops" in Half an Hour

So, what's so practical about this pork chop recipe? Well, it incorporates all my favorite flavors to combine with pork (apples, onions, mustard, honey) in one roasting tray. It's also easy, takes about half an hour to make, and there's only one pan to wash up—what could be more practical than that? ...more
Laurend1985 Karen Vivers So glad you both enjoyed it - yey!more

I'm an Alpha-Gal now

I promise all my posts will not be this long - but wanted to give you the background of the story - hopefully it will save someone's life!...more

Bacon Bliss!

Today, I ate Bacon-beautiful, crisp, baked to crunchy perfection-BACON!This is the first time I have eaten a piece of bacon(other than soy) in 24-yes I said it24 years!!I became a vegetarian 24 years ago, not vegan-just lacto-ovo. I never thought I would EVER eat meat again......but then again...there are alot of things I never thought I would do.......more

The Kitchen Think: Meatpackers Say You Don't Need To Know Where Your Meat Comes From

I’ve always believed that the meat I bought in the supermarket originated in the United States.Wrong!...more

Plated + Served: Steak Salad Sandwich

Do you eat sandwiches for dinner?Don't eat a lot of sandwiches any more (trying to cut out the bread you know), but sometimes I want something big and hearty, especially as the weather gets cooler.Steak and salad pair beautifully, so why not marry them in a delicious sandwich slathered with spicy Sriracha mayonnaise?...more

Meat Art

That's right, meat art.Meat art is art that uses meat as the medium and art that uses meat as the model. Artists have always found inspiration in meat, and now a new generation of artists is exploring and reinvigorating the meat art genre through a wide range of visual art, art experiences, and performances....more

Vegan-ish?: Not Eating Meat, Except When You Do

Over the last 43 years, I've been a vegan, a vegetarian, and a meat-eater. Now I think of myself as vegan-ish....more
I see that I came across this article a while after it was posted, but I must say, I read it at ...more

Southwestern Beef Stew with Beans, Tomatoes, and Sweet Potatoes

Snacking in the Kitchen ...more