Easy Beef Wellington

I'm refusing to get digital TV (yes, dinosaur alert!), not because I'm antique (ok, maybe a little), but just because I'm afraid to get those TV channels that do nothing but broadcast cooking shows all day long. If I'd had that on TV, I wouldn't get out of the house anymore, so it's really more a sort of self-preservation thing....more
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Turkey Sloppy Joe under Cornbread

I know it's a little early, but this is a fantastic Super Bowl party appetizer. This ground turkey recipe has turkey Sloppy Joe filling tucked underneath a cornbread topping. You can either serve this by itself, or it can act as a dip.Ingredients:...more

Extra Helpings: How to Cook The Perfect Steak Indoors

Angela asks: It's too cold to grill outside, so how do I cook a perfect pan-seared steak indoors?...more