Pillow Talking Car Talk

  The conversation started simply enough. Bubba, my blessedly mechanical farmer husband, volunteered to check out my car.Bubba: If you bring your car to the farm tomorrow, I'll check your brakes.Me: Good. That sound is awful.Him: It wasn't that bad when I drove it.Me: Well, it sounds like it is going to explode when you stop.Him: What?!...more

How to Write (Better): How to Make Your Words Carry More Authority

Writing about writing with authority is really hard. Because that insinuates that I know what I'm talking about, and you might all be sitting back, slurping your coffee and thinking you know, that Rita is pretty full of herself. And therein lies the rub. ...more
I have done technical writing and use the same formula when writing. I draft in point form then ...more