Nicole Plue, Koren Grieveson Are the Only Women Chefs to Win Beard Awards

Monday night, the upper echelon of the restaurant world gathered in New York City to toast amazing and innovative cooking. The James Beard Foundation Awards, which celebrate everything from innovative cuisine to great wine lists, drew culinary heavy hitters from around the country for a night of feasting and feting. Many call it the Oscars of food. But, as the restaurant world is a male-dominated industry, it comes as very little surprise that most of those who received medals were men. ...more



Winter Olympics: Canadian Women Own the Podium

You might have seen it on a T-shirt. Or perhaps you've heard a Canadian woman declare it. We now have proof, though -- Canadian women really do kick ass. To date in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canadian women have won 13.5 of Canada's 17 medals. ...more

And I didn't even *see* that whole apology thing until a couple of hours ago. Yes, own the ...more

Italy's Olympians

A few people have asked me to weigh in on the Olympics, although I must say, I was so proud of the Italians that I really didn’t have a barb ready and waiting to put fingertips to keyboard.  Proud, first because our athletes were so awesome.  And I didn’t care about the medals.  The coverage of their stamina, their training and dedication was very awe-inspiring, especially the women.  ...more