Does the Media Pressure You to be Hot?

Yesterday I slathered on sunless tanner (ahem, review purposes). I even dressed up a bit....more

The Friday Thoughts of This Mama Says

Hi Fellow Bloggers! Would you beleive me if I told you I never knew about social media with moms, giveaways, and the 'whole world' of mommy bloggers until about 3 weeks ago? Hard to beleive I bet! I had my kids so close together I swear you can call me insane! My youngest was born when my oldest was a week and  a half shy of his 3rd birthday, and guess what!, I have four of them! wowzers, huh! I wouldn't trade it for the world and they are my entire world. ...more

Calories: Please Don't Talk About Them When You're Seven

I've written before about how we tend to keep our kidlets a little sheltered.  They are five and seven and there's plenty of time for growing up. J. has been finding random videos of the girls when they were littler and they are so sweet and tiny, so precious and innocent, that they make me cry every time I watch them. He thinks it's weird that they make me cry, but they do. Almost to the point where it hurts to watch them....more

Ugh...same darn thing over here...'cept it started last year, in FIRST grade. First ...more

Talking to Tiger: Advice for Getting Out of the Media Sandtrap of the Year

Tiger Woods has had a fairly bad week, starting with his attention-grabbing car accident last Friday. Since then, kiss-and-tell stories have flourished and skeletons are tumbling out of his crammed closets -- so many that a Hoarding intervention may be warranted. The damage to his marriage is hard to estimate, though his wife is reported to be receiving a lump sum payment and better terms in a renegotiated nuptial agreement as compensation and economic incentive to stand by her man. ...more

That's an EXCELLENT and VERY INTERESTING point, Devra.

I still land on the side of Free ...more

Did Adam Lambert Go Too Far on the AMAs? Nah!

Dear Adam, It's me, Megan.  You know, I write those "Idol Chit Chats" over at Megan's Minute.  We met briefly in New York right after you lost the American Idol title to that other guy, Allen what's his name.  You were so nice and sweet.  But you weren't showing off that sweet side the other night on the American Music Awards, were you?  Simulated man on man oral sex!  Man on man open mouthed kissing!  Right there on the live ABC stage!...more

You're right about it being kind of like a teenager trying to get their parents' ...more

Rocky Mount murders go unsolved & unpublicized

Ten women in Rocky Mount, North Carolina have either been found dead or have vanished. Are they the victims of a serial killer? This is a story I heard about via a friend’s Facebook page. I was appalled that so many women have either gone missing or been found dead in this small town and I have not heard about it once on the news. ...more

Balloon Boy, Reality TV and Twitter: Seeing Was Believing

Last week's Balloon Boy story had to be seen to be believed.  Literally.   It was a perfect example of the media deciding because there were pictures, there was a story.  Without the live video of the silvery, homemade flying machine gliding across the skies of Colorado would so many people around the world have been so emotionally invested in the fate of 6 year-old Falcon Heene who they thought was inside?  Picture the whole episode as a radio story.  How would we have felt then? ...more

Let's Make a Deal: Trade Your Aging Soap Opera Stars for What's Behind Curtain #1!

Television can be an odd friend to those of us who spend time at home during weekdays. The elderly, the ill, third-shift workers, SAHMs, the unemployed, telecommuters, part-time students: we're a disparate audience, and we are sometimes lonesome. Daytime television can be a friendly voice to break the monotony, a connection to the outside world, or a grown-up friend to those home with young children and in need of words for their adult brains. Ellen and Oprah. A soap opera or movie. A recipe or home project demo. ...more

I began watching "my stories" in 7th grade.

Days of Our Lives to start and by high school, I ...more

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewelery Design - Part 2

For many months I spent countless hours  thinking of the type of piece I wanted to design—it had to be a piece that was not only attractive but inspirationa...more

A Warning Label for Retouched Photos

Photo retouching in magazines is becoming more and more outrageous. Remember the GQ cover featuring Kate Winslet? The actress was shocked and angry to discover that the magazine used photoshop to make her legs appear longer and leaner than they are in reality. Read the rest here: A Warning Label for Retouched Photos ...more