4 Things We Can Do in 2014 to Help Pave the Way for a Woman President

In my new book, What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership & Power, I interview some of the most influential journalists, activists, artists, politicians, and thought leaders of today about how to get a woman into the White House....more
This article is a reminder to all women to be vigilant in the portrayal of women especially for ...more

My Rant about Ranting with a nod to the late, great Erma Bombeck

http://blog.marthaschaefer.com/2013/02/my-rant-about-ranting-with-nod-to... ...more

The Newsroom!

Got 8 minutes and 17 seconds? It is well worth your time. Jeff Daniels is great!!!   My 20 year old daughter sent the video!I cried!Here are my silly wishes:...more
So I watched that first scene and was astonished, but then I continued to watch the show and ...more

Should Parents Be Arrested for Cheering During High School Graduation?

As usual I am taking the wrong stance. Well, I don’t think it is wrong but when media has decided to interview all the parents that are outraged that a South Carolina mom was arrested for cheering at a high school graduation, it makes you feel like you are wrong if you are on the other side. The media has a way of doing such little things like that but this piece/vent isn’t about the silly mainstream media. I have my own brain! I decide my stance! Here is the deal. I have had two children graduate from high school and one from college. We were blessed that at all three graduations parents/families/friends were fairly respectful of all the graduates. ...more
 @ishootlikeagirl Well, you are from the generation that must get a 'cheer and holler ' for ...more

The Cost of High Fashion for the Youngest Consumer

Today's New York Times "Thursday Styles" section features the article, "That Dress Is SO Preschool," covering high fashion (in every sense) on models who look to be about five years old. We're talking a "Lanvin tulle dress, $1,200, and taffeta coat, $1,570, both at Barneys." Didn't you just know Barney's would be in on this? The clothes? Completely adorable. The price tags? Utterly ridiculous. But can we all take a breath here?...more
What teen or adult hasn't flipped through a fashion magazine and wished she could look like the ...more

We Need a President that fits a Country Song!

Sometimes I wish I could stand up AND scream “So what do you want?”Many Americans Baffle me?...more

When Bloggers Lie

Journalists, critics and bloggers swallowed hard when a federal jury ruled recently that a blogger had defamed a central Oregon attorney and awarded the attorney $2.5 million. Many folks noted that the award will have a "chilling effect" in journalism circles, and as Oregonian reporter Jeff Manning noted in his story Dec. 7, the case "raises questions about press protections and the nature of the press itself in the Internet age." ...more

Tweet That, Ms. Kardashian

  There is something seriously wrong in our world, and it has to do with the Kardashians.  I’m not talking about Kim’s 72 day marriage and what to do with her wedding gifts, or Kris’s blatant exhibition of her ignorance towards politically correct terms for Native Americans.  It has to do with Khloe, and her famous behind. ...more
Thank you, Desi. They have the direct marketing thing under control for sure! I don't know if ...more

Ann Curry is a Bitch!

Journalism breaks my heart!  This new age of showing their emotions and their biases irritates me.  It is a known fact that people have such things and that it will always play apart of what  Journalist do but they are suppose to strive to  REPORT the news without their biases and emotions interfering as much as possible....more