Big Media and the Herd Mentality of Party Politics Create More Crises Than They Solve

Salon’s David Sirota today offered an article instructing Progressives to “check their optimism” when it comes to President Obama’s inauguration speech and what it might bode for his second term.  He stated that although Obama strung “together the most tried, true and poll-tested applause lines,” Sirota pointed out that no sentence “was as appropriate yet also dissonant as President Obama’s assertion that America should not “treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”  Sirota states:...more

Study Finding We Are Done with Gender Bias Omits Important Data

“Good News for Hillary 2016: New Study Says Media Gender Bias Has Almost Disappeared” ...more
Gender bias has "all but disappeared" the same way that racial bias has "all but disappeared." ...more

Media Bias: A Bottom Up Perspective

My facebook BLEW UP last night during the presidential debate, and it is during these times that I am reminded of why I left my former life of academia.  The academic political arena, like politics as a whole is certainly a fiery place that can be intensely ...more

ABC's Jake Tapper Tells the Truth about Media Bias -- a blockbuster interview couched in polite language

Add Jake Tapper, one of our more reliable reporters, to the list of people who have left the reservation – at least for the moment....more
Hope things change, but when the media focus more on Clint Eastwood talking to the chair than ...more

The President Uses TAMPAX

In commemoration of President’s day, 2011, I posted a blog titled, “No Periods for US Presidents”.  I am doing a repost with revisions inspired by Anita Finlay’s book, Dirty Words On Clean Skin:  Sexism and Sabotage, A Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening.  Anita Finlay is also a BlogHer blogger. ...more
 @TruthsfromtheChaos Gina:  Thanks so much for stopping by to read!  Take the time you need or ...more

How the Media Denies Women Power and Influence

A brutal truth is being revealed in this election cycle that reinforces what we learned in the last one, when mainstream media and political power players worked to demolish Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.  These women could not be more different, but arguably, one of big media's goals seemed the same for both: to maintain the current power structure that leaves women out....more
 @Linda Anselmi  True.  And the impression given by the media's bias in consulting men in such ...more

Since Loughner didn't haver a prayer rug...the Media refuses to call him a Terrorist

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona have left our country shaken to the core. I sat glued to my television on Saturday afternoon, flipping channels as I soaked up the coverage. Representative Gabby Giffords was originally pronounced dead by several media outlets but she miraculously survived a gunshot to the head by gunman Jared Lee Loughner.  Representative Giffords was holding her regular “Congress on your Corner “  with her constituents at a Safeway grocery store. Six were killed and 13 wounded on Saturday. ...more

The State of the Media 2010: Can Community Journalism Save the News?

Much of what the Project for Excellence in Journalism's seventh annual State of the News Media 2010 report documents isn't exactly a surprise: opining is on the rise, in-depth reporting is on the ropes and nobody's cracked the code on how to make money. As the Columbia Journalism Review's Alexandra Fenwick said, "It's not the most uplifting news about the news ... " ...more

What Recession: the Most Expensive Inauguration in Our Country's History

Alternate title: WWLD? (What Would Lincoln Do?) It's a passing of the torch, literally in Iran, where they've switched out their Bush effigies and have set fire to new Obama ones. Here, preparations are underway for the most expensive inaugural celebrations in our country's history: the swearing-in of Barack Obama. ...more

I just want to point out that a very large percentage of the money spent on the Inauguration ...more

Once again, no peace in the Holy Land

Gaza is aflame on the second day of rocket attacks by Israeli Defense Forces that, at this writing, have left 286 dead, according to Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper.The missiles struck more than 210 targets in Gaza, destroying security compounds run by Hamas, the governing party in the Palestinian territories, according to the BBC. ...more