Why Media Literacy is So Important for Our Kids

I am writing this as a parent who is incredibly grateful that the school my girls attend teaches media literacy aggressively and early. Beginning in the 5th grade, the teachers present the students with examples of how we are barraged every day with messages that may or may not represent us, but whose sole aim is to sell us something, even if couched in the guise of "entertainment." ...more

The Karate Kid, Mini-dresses and Body Image

A couple of weeks ago Juniper earned a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. She's been really into karate lately - in being strong and capable. She likes to pretend to be the hero and "saves" little Wyatt (and/or the dogs) from all sorts of harrowing situations. So yesterday, while we sat around waiting for the roast to roast, we found ourselves on our worn-in, buttercream leather couch watching The Karate Kid. ...more

You Can Watch Election Coverage With Kids

Election season can pose some tricky moments for parents of young children. Your instinct may be to shield your kids from the mudslinging of the campaign and the heated debates, but in my family, we watch political coverage together as as a way of teaching our son about our values—and civic engagement....more
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Support Teen Voices!

This afternoon, just as I was packing up to go home from work, I was flicking through my Tumblr dashboard to see what I had missed during the day. I was prepared, in various degrees for usual rounds of political rumbling, meditations and screeds on the Aurora tragedy, and even the all-too-early death of Sally Ride.  But as an advocate for women's voices in media, I was not prepared for what gut-wrenching news was in store:...more

On Boys and Patriarchy

You probably heard about Ashley Judd's recent Daily Beast post calling out the media for nasty judgments of her appearance. Ms. Judd points the finger at the patriarchy but clarifies that "Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate."...more

How the "Boy Code" Plays Out at School

“Why can’t as a collective people we admit that so much of the way we see the natural attributes given to boys and girls is directly a consequence of the messages that society sends?”...more

How Journalism's Changes are Changing Our Ways of Knowing

Something has been missing from our conversations about the changing nature of news and journalism education, and after gnawing on it for months, I think I finally have the words. Of course teaching students to tell stories across platforms is essential, and so is understanding the impact of new technologies on business models. But we also have to research and teach about how these new tools affect the epistemology of journalism. ...more

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Ad Literacy For Kids

There’s an article, Ad Literacy 101 on Babble, about five recommendations for parents to teach their children about advertising. I know I use many of these methods in everyday life with my kids. I’ll let you read that article, but expound on how I use this with my own children. You can go read the article in its entirety for further information. ...more

Cluetrain for Parents: The real threat to children on the Web

You must make an online play space for your children. Immediately. Just reading the Cluetrain Manifesto. I know I’m very late in reading this, compared to many of the web old timers. I apologize if someone has already said this. Here’s my off-the-cuff children’s web cluetrain 19 theses: 1. Traditional media have focused of late on scaring parents. ...more

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