The Emmys & The Latin Female Form- Sexism, Stereotypes & Not So Funny Jokes


Apologies to Hillary, Revisionist History and Cognitive Dissonance

 These past two years, we have been stunned by a pundit class offering everything from grudging to glowing praise of Hillary Clinton, a candidate they had roundly excoriated four years earlier. What changed? And will the men and women in mainstream media who exhibited a reckless, cruel bias toward not only Hillary, but her supporters, now pretend the debacle of the 2008 primaries never occurred? ...more
Wouldn't that just be swell!??!!more

When Will It Be "the Year of the Woman"?

According to the 2012 Project of the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics, more women are running for Congress this year than ever....more
 @Anita Finlay It is disturbing to me that women can be so hard on other women.  But on BlogHer ...more

Why Can't We Stop Skewering Hillary Clinton?

This woman just cannot get a break.  Let’s start with biographer/author Ed Klein taking her apart on FOX news last night because she is “overweight.”  He says that will “slow her down” should she once again stand for the Presidency.  “Hillary 2016” is on the lips of many at the moment.  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, former Governor Ed Rendell, and even Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi all are pushing her to throw her hat into the ring....more

Devan Sipher Defies Publishing Sexism with a Romantic Comedy about A Nice Guy

"The Wedding Beat," a new novel by New York Times wedding writer Devan Sipher, encountered one big bump in its road into print: the publishing industry doesn't think much of female readers. ...more
@jencoffeen I thought the Hornby point was interesting too. The whole article is thought-provoking.more

Global Sports Sexist Interview With Brittany Waters

Brittany Waters, one of Canada’s top rugby players, was profiled on Global BC TV’s News Hour Sports. The interview started out like most athlete features in which we heard some background information on how she got into the sport and some of her accomplishments. Eventually, it went off the rugby field and down sexism street....more

Why Raising Awareness through Sexism Isn't Actually Beneficial to Anyone: the Facebook Breast Cancer Memes

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with the start of the month comes the deluge of pink reminders peering at us from everywhere from grocery stores to online ads.  Much has been written on the idea of using commercial products painted pink as a sign of supporting breast cancer research; I am not fully opposed to the idea, insofar as the money that is actually donated to research funds.  What I am concerned about is what these attempts at awareness say about the women of our culture....more


Like Kristen said in her post at Girl With Pen, “Now That the Dust Has (Sort of) Settled”, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president is still fascinating to ponder. I was recently asked to write an article on the topic for the ILF Digest, the journal of a think tank I’ve been a fellow of (I find this terminology amusing, but have never ...more

Sexism in the Media Sells, but We're not Buying It

Whatever the outcome of this election year, women's treatment by the media has been outed and it isn't going back into the closet anytime soon. ...more

Yes, thank you Gloria -- this is such an important petition. Sexist media coverage is NOT a ...more