2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge (Grand Prize $10,000)

21m Americans live with diabetes - yet the devices we rely on generally don't hold a candle toDiabetesMine Design Challenge the sleek design of consumer electronics (think iPod)... So patients are going "grassroots" to improve the design of tools for treating diabetes: There are exaclty 2 weeks left now to enter the 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge, a blog-based competition calling for innovative design concepts (devices or web applications) that will improve life with diabetes. ...more

Sign the Petition to Read the Bill

This week the Sunlight Foundation launched the Read the Bill campaign, in which we shockingly suggest that Congress and the public should have at least 72 hours to examine legislation before lawmakers begin doing it. Sounds like common sense, right? Except that Congress often doesn't do it. (You can sign the petition here: ReadtheBill.org). ...more

DownsizeDC.org has been presenting the Read the Bills Act for over
three years.

And ...more

Supreme Court Rules You Can't Sue Medical Device Makers Because the FDA Does Such a Great Job Assessing Safety

The New York Times reported today that the Supreme Court has ruled that the manufacturer of a federally approved medical device cannot be sued under state law if the device causes an injury. This ruling has huge implications for the health care-technology industry and their victi – oops, I mean customers. ...more

NY Times Identifies Breast Implants as Annuity Medicine

What is "annuity medicine?" Annuity medicine refers to the fact that once a patient walks into a doctor's office, the doctor gets an annuity because he knows the statistics that will bring her back for operation after operation. She becomes his insurance policy for a great practice. ...more