Keep the Shower Cap Please!

“Medical Hair loss presents many challenges.” “Please remove your head scarf for surgery.”  A simple enough request you think.  Not so simple if you are a bald woman....more


Though women are so often stereotyped (by men) to be fashion-crazed, I’ve noticed that not every woman has this sixth sense.  I’m not saying that some women don’t know how to dress, although that is true too, but that some women just seem conflicted.  They may want to be fashionable, but that natural Fashion sense does not always come naturally....more

Head Scarves For Fashion Or Hair Loss Due To Medical Reasons

What does a woman do when they are faced with a bad hair day or worse than that no hair day?  All my life my hair was thin and lifeless....more

Is image really everything?

What do Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, and Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery or Samuel L....more

Giving Thanks

I am consistently humbled and inspired by all women out there who shine and grow no matter what challenges or hardships you are facing.  I am thankful to have this connection to all of you.  My connection to all of you is what continually motivates me to do what I am doing to reclaim our dignity and self-esteem as women who lack hair and yet must step out daily into our appearance-driven society.  I want to thank the ...more

My Hair-Raising Regimens

Several Beaudiva’s have written in and asked me about my daily vitamin regimen and any new hair products that I have been trying on my newly sprouted follicles. I did some research on the benefits of vitamin supplements during this re-growth phase and here is what I discovered.  This is my Daily Top 10 of vitamins are recommended for the enhancement of hair growth:  ...more

Heads Up! Its Alopecia Awareness Month!

Once an Alopecian- Always an Alopecian…   ...more and Susan's Television Interview on PBS/WEDU's Show: A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins

Hello all my Beaudivas! I am very proud to tell you all about a television piece that aired on August 21st at 8:00 pm. Here is the synopsis of the story: ...more

In Transition…Caring for Newly Grown Hair After Chemotherapy

Hello all my Beaudivas! As we make the slow transition from summer to fall, it got me thinking about all of the brave and wonderful women who have completed their chemotherapy treatments. Before you know it, new hair will once again adorn your head. These precious new sprouts are so delicate and worthy of celebration and some tips on caring for your compromised follicles could be helpful. ...more