Why More And More Women Are Coveting Cannabis

Whoopi may be on to something.As you may recall, a few weeks back, everyone’s favourite former nun announced that she had launched a line of medical marijuana products. Even better, they’re targeted at menstrual cramps....more

Medical Marijuana's on My Mind

I’ve never been a drug taker even though my sister thought it suspicious that I left the house early and didn’t return until evening as a teen with no indication of my whereabouts and listened to a lot of progressive rock that sounds weird and appears to promote drug use. Of course, I’ve taken drugs for medicinal purposes like Tylenol and even harder medication like Xanax. There are times when you have no choice except to swallow a pill and hope for the best....more

Help Bethany Get Access to Medical Marijuana, Please!!

  Our daughter Bethany has spent most of her life suffering. In fact, she has endured so much more suffering than any human being should ever have to endure....more

"Weed the People" Movie Takes an Affecting Look at Marijuana as Medicine

  Pictured: Baby Sophie Ryan and her brain scans of her tumor What would you do if your child had a disease or condition that mainstream medicine couldn’t cure?  What if you found a medicine that could help your child, but it wasn’t legal or commo...more

The New Vision On Medical Marijuana In Canada (INFOGRAPHIC)

The medicinal properties of marijuana have been the subject of important research and also of heated debates for a considerable number of years. Since April 1, 2014, Health Canada has instated a new federal legislation regarding the market for medical marijuana in Canada....more

Get Out of the Way of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is not my thing. I know there are many people who would say that it’s just a matter of finding the right kind, but I’m more of a glass of wine kind of girl. That’s just my taste. I’ve never been big on the legalization of recreational marijuana, but I also didn’t oppose it. I’ve been pretty indifferent to the whole thing....more

When the Neighbors Smoke Pot

My younger brother lives in Marin County in California. It's not the best of neighborhoods, but he and his wife do the best they can to see to it that their two girls have what they need. She works for the county, and he is a maintenance worker at the apartment complex where they live. In addition to his own children, my brother took in our 17-year-old nephew recently. That's another long story, but the short of it is that his parents haven't really their job, and so my brother stepped up and took over....more
Hello, I find myself in a similar situation to your brother. I live next to two sets of pot ...more

Federal Government Rules That Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Purpose. Really???

I can totally understand why the federal government would have trouble recommending a complete legalization of marijuana (it's a political nightmare), but it just seems blatantly irresponsible to announce that there is NO acceptable medical use for it.  Are they kidding?From the LA Times – Federal Government Says Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Use…...more

What Happens When You're Legal to Do Drugs on the Job?

I'm high as I write this post. Yes. On drugs. High. Legally. ...more

There are a lot of differences too based on where you live and what you legally do or don't ...more

Support those who fight for YOUR Freedoms

Hello to Everyone,My name is Michael Adam Assenberg,I used to be a security guard back in 1985 and was making my rounds when I had found some people by the TNT Shack. I went to see what was up and they started to go to the back of the complex. I chased them down to the end of the road and they tried to drive over a train Bridge. They stalled halfway across, I then walked up to them with one hand on my mace, and my night stick in the other....more