10 Health Habits They Didn't Teach Me In Medical School

In medical school, it would be nice to think doctors learn everything there is to know about being healthy. As someone who's been through med school, I can confidently say that's not the case. As I wrote about in my upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself and as discussed in my latest TEDx talk, the scientific data proves that there are ten key habits that lead to optimal health. ...more
Great read! Things that I am already doing, and trying to get my family to take on as well. It's ...more

Things Ants, Flies and Maggots Like

 It's Wednesday, which means it's time to link up to Budget Blonde's This is {Wherever} Wednesday!  This is a chance for me to share a story that's characteristic of our island ...more
@victorias_view I know! I can handle ants, but I just can not do maggots. EWWW!!!!!!more

Become a Doctor: For More Than Money

“The heart is where it all starts and ends,” said Dr. Greg Fischer of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a top cardiac anesthesiologist - someone who puts those going through heart surgery out so they don’t feel it.  He came to the US from Switzerland about seven years ago for a great job as a doctor who works in the academic world as opposed to running his own private practice. I’ve heard a lot of young people wanting to head into medicine because they think it’s a goldmine. So, I asked Dr. Fischer: does the medical profession make sense if your goal is to make money?...more