Fun with Fibromialgia: the rollercoaster of medication

I am new to this whole "Chronic Illness" thing. At the beginning of the year, I was bumbling through my life,  minding my own business. The only pills I had to consume were for birth control, thyroid control, and cholesterol control. And all of them were well under control. Yes, there were the pesky seizures, excrutiating pain, memory loss, and exhaustion, but they had become just another part of day to day life. My neurologist had me undergo the occasional medical test, but past that I just went about my existance. ...more

Best things in life are free.......

Nobody sees the hustle and bustle of a day to day life until you get away to the serenity of the bush.  Where there’s the constant sound of the river running over the rapids, the quiet twitter of the birds, and the wonders of nature embed relaxation into your core....more

Fighting Depression: You're Never Alone as You Climb the Mountain

I Miss You When I Blink has a post that illustrates the difference between being blue and being depressed, and it explains how she came to the decision to use medication to help her manage her depression.  It is both a post that points out that none of us are alone, even if it feels that way at times.  There is always someone out there who will echo back "me too" as you both climb that mountain of feelings. ...more
You said Depression come alone feeling. one point of view correct but other point of view its ...more


I ** heart** sleep. Don’t get me wrong, but 6 hours is pretty good for me. I remember a time where I was a bear without 8. It’s all about change, I guess- change and age. Sure, babies are celebrated when they sleep through the night. Kids want to stay up all night on weekends and summer, but give them a school morning and most of them need a front loader to pick them out of bed and get their day started. As the ” clubbing” years arrive, I have witnessed many people dragging themselves in on zero-2 hours sleep and try to convince folks they are great! ...more

The Decision to Medicate My Son, and How I Survived That.

After an outpouring of support on my personal blog, Memoirs of a Modern Day Wife, I thought I'd share with you on here one of the hardest decisions I have ever made as a parent: The decision to place my young son on medication to treat his ADHD. Until I wrote the post, I never truly realized how many parents DO NOT talk about stuff like this-especially for the world to see. Well, I'm always just a little too brave for my own good. Me writing about things I find important, things other people can relate too, it's just something I do. Without further adieu..... ...more


I think everyone who is living with HIV can remember with great clarity, the day they were diagnosed. I believe that even if you were in a drug/alcohol induced fugue, you still were able to remember that day....more
I remember that day!!! I was having trouble sleeping tonight and browsing the internet, I found ...more

How I Took My Autistic Son Off His Meds

My 12-year-old autistic son Leo was on the black box anti-psychotic medication Risperdal for almost four years. As of this writing, he's been off it for almost four weeks. Will he be okay? I hope so, but I'm not sure. Not yet....more
@dspetroLynneSorayaturns out Risperdol is actually still very necessary for Leo. He had two ...more

Medication and the V. A.

Ugh.  I hate writing this, but I think it is important.  There is nothing funny about this post.  I totally started this blog thinking it would be funnier. Again, it is about Bob.  And again, he will read this.  So if you are reading this, he has approved it.  I would never say anything about him that he didn't agree with or understand why I'm saying it.  But this stuff is real. ...more

Pound for Pound, I'm Happy for Happy Pills

Don't tell Tom Cruise but my Happy Pills are working overtime.  We are not even that far into winter in Minnesota, but the string of sunless days has already gotten to me.  In fact, life here is more than just sunless, it is as though our whole landscape has sunken into a middle earth existence where it is gray, somber, dank and eerily quiet.  I'm actually getting used to the cold,...more