Relax Your Mind: Meditate

Meditation is something that I instantly shot down whenever I heard about it. I was judgmental and entirely too reliant and trustworthy of traditional medicine.But there came a time when I woke up. I’m not sure why it happened, but I realized that this roller coaster ride of starting and stopping medications all the time just wasn’t going to work any longer....more

Zen: Not What You Think

For the past year I've been attending a sangha and trying to get my zen on - so to speak. Some people might think that when you sit zazen you're meditating but it's not really that. Meditation carries with it that notion that one is meditating on or about about a certain something. "If I meditate on this dilemma perhaps I'll discover a solution." ...more

10 Health Habits They Didn't Teach Me In Medical School

In medical school, it would be nice to think doctors learn everything there is to know about being healthy. As someone who's been through med school, I can confidently say that's not the case. As I wrote about in my upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself and as discussed in my latest TEDx talk, the scientific data proves that there are ten key habits that lead to optimal health. ...more
Great read! Things that I am already doing, and trying to get my family to take on as well. It's ...more

Meditate & Feel Better About Your Body & Yourself

Meditate & Feel Better About Your Body & Yourself             You are invited to participate in an anonymous research study looking at the benefits of meditation on women’s health. This study is conducted by Ellen Albertson, MS, MA, RD, Department of Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. If you agree to participate you can expect to: ...more

I'll Be There

Coaches consult with clients about using different strategies and approaches to manage change and achieve what they want for themselves....more

Getting Out of the Box: Thoughts On Living An Authentic Life

Written By: Lissa Rankin Marla Maples and I had the most lovely chat this morning, and I have to say I totally have a crush on her now. You might know Marla as the ex-wife of tycoon Donald Trump, but I know Marla as this loving, spiritual, awakening being longing to shed the baggage of her past and serve the world with her gorgeous heart. ...more

How Stress Can Make You Lose Your Mojo (And How to Get It Back)

by Lissa Rankin, MDApril is National Stress Awareness Month. A few points from a 2004 American Psychological Association Survey tells us why this we need a whole month to remind us why we need to chill out:...more



"If you are going through hell keep going." - Winston Churchill ...more

Ready to Grow? Here's How. . . .

Four Steps To Increase Your Positive Sense of Self : 1.  Let go of judgment. 2.  Hold a strong thought/visualize a clear image of what you are aiming to become.  3.  Reflect on what is important to you about you that gives you a real sense of  joy and connection. 4.  Choose experiences that enhance your well being and positive thinking. Expansive thoughts launch the brain into higher activation and increased perception.  Through meditation the brain also becomes more coherent.  ...more