Staying ZEN When Hosting a Houseful

Staying ZEN When Hosting a Houseful

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Quiet Mind: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

I have been working so hard on getting my bodily health in shape that I may have overlooked my mental and emotional health, too. Everything is connected, and pretty much everyone I talk to has suggested meditation for a way to relieve stress and improve my outlook on life. But where does a neophyte start?...more

I see you

Nameste -I know "nameste' is one of those over used "new age" words that nobody gets.  I really means "the soul in me, recognizes the soul in you".  Isn't that beautiful?  I love it.  I welcome your soul to my first ever blog post.I hope that you can come here and have a moment of mindfulness each post, that is my goal!!Welcome and thanks for subscribing OM...more
Would you be interested in working with me from time to time.  My blog is geared toward ...more