Mediterranean Brown Rice Pilaf

After too much cooking and indulgence for continuous two days yesterday night I planned for a humble meal a simple pilaf with dollops of fresh yoghurt and green salad, we both filled our plates with pilaf on top with drizzle of yoghurt and salad on side and enjoyed our favorite television shows after a long time. Momo was also quite for a change, as last two days he was busy meeting new friends and entertaining guests, we signed off to bed early with a hope that coming week will be less demanding though I could see exactly opposite of that. <...more

Food Experimentation - Fun in the Kitchen!

I've known how to cook for over fifty years. I learned from my mom, like most of us. I started really early, though, because I was in a 4-H cooking club where everything was made from scratch. My repetoire consisted of the usual American family fare: roast beef, goulash (not Hungarian), meat loaf, roast turkey, hamburgers, sloppy joes, spaghetti -- all of the "family friendly" foods that Americans often serve because everyone in the household will eat these dishes!...more